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    A skyscraper is a large building that is usually hundreds of feet tall and commonly found in cities.

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    Skyscrapers are tall inhabited buildings that were first built in the late 19th century and whose heights have soared from 140 feet in 1884 to now over 2,700 feet in 2010. They offer unique opportunities for play in video games because of their height, scale, symbolic value, and the kinds of activity that usually goes on inside of these dominant pieces of architecture.

    In video games they are commonly used as a setting for action and players may occupy their interior, exterior, rooftop, or merely the ground around the building. A shoot-out can take place inside of its walls, a superhero can scale its side, a runner can perform parkour across its rooftops, or a monster can smash it to the ground.

    When a game has an explicit skyscraper level or scenario, it can be thought of as a location. Otherwise, it functions as an object in a larger world—such as the many tall buildings of open world cities.


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