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    Snow Moto Racing Freedom

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Apr 11, 2017

    Snow Moto Racing Freedom is an arcade racer where you drive snowmobiles in open terrain and perform stunts. Online racing with world ranking is also available.

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    Snow Moto Racing Freedom is a fast paced snowmobile racer with interactive snow technology and extreme stunts!

    Players can compete in one of the games 61 race tracks or take on the freestyle stunt challenges in the game. By performing crazy stunts players can charge the snowmobiles turbo boost and use it to overtake opponents. The game offers winding race tracks in one of the three massive open worlds and tighter adrenaline inducing snowcross race tracks with moguls and high jumps.


    The game features 3 large single-player championship leagues.

    Sprint League lets players race from checkpoint to checkpoint in one of the three open world maps the game has to offer, The Alps, Scandinavia, and The Rocky Mountains.

    The second game mode is called Snocross and just like the real life version it lets players race on man made tracks with tight turns and big jumps.

    Lastly the game offers a freedom league championship that mixes sprint races and Snocross.

    While racing players can gain boost by passing checkpoints, performing one of the games 22 stunts, and by getting a perfect start (hitting the throttle up button at the right time). Boost can be used to increases the snowmobiles speed and acceleration for a short amount of time.

    The game has local multiplayer for up to 4 players split screen and online multiplayer for up to 8 players per race.

    Besides everything mentioned so far the game offers Custom Races, Time Trial, Leisure Mode, and a stunt competition called Freestyle. In Freestyle competitions the players goal is to perform as many sequential stunts as possible before the time runs out. Points is awarded for each completed stunt. More points is awarded for longer stunt and more advanced stunts attracts higher scores.


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