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    Sonic and the Secret Rings

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Feb 20, 2007

    The first in Sega's "Sonic Storybook" duology of Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off titles, this game follows the titular hedgehog's race against time in the tales of Arabian Nights as he collects the seven World Rings before a genie's curse ends his life. Known as the series's first take on the use of motion controls.

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    Sonic and the Secret Rings 4

    Sonic and the Secret Rings was, to many, Sonic's last chance to redeem himself after the debacles that were "Shadow the Hedgehog" and "Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)". This game certainly succeeds in that respect, and is easily the best 3D Sonic game since the days of the Dreamcast.We'll start with what feels immediately different from previous entries in the series. First of all, you no longer completely control your forward and backwards movement. You move forward automatically, and can adjust your...

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    The best 3-D Sonic game, unfortunatley that isn't sayin much. 0

    Sonic and the Secret Rings is the best 3-D Sonic game ever, which is not saying much for Sonic or the franchise. Sega tried to embrace the Wii’s new technology and the applications where very intuitive, but overall they felt loose and a little rushed. Because of how scattered the cinematics are throughout Secret Rings I couldn’t follow the story, which is probably a good thing because it would have dragged the game down even faster. Gameplay: Sonic’s control scheme is very simple, and as previou...

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    Confusing, glitched up controls lead to a disaster. 0

    This is one of the worst Sonic games I've ever played. It not only has little speed, it has terrible controls that barely even work. This game made Sonic continue to go downhill, and is mocking the Sonic Team. There are so many words to describe this game: dreadful, humiliating, terrible, a disgrace, and horrible. All of those words have something in common, they're all insulting Sonic And The Secret Rings. Overall, the game sucks, but I will say that it can be fun at times....

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    Quite possibly the best Sonic game to hit a home console ever! 1

    This game is absolutely incredible and No I am not saying that because I am a Sonic fan I really did enjoy this game.I put many hours into it, I played it night and day, and I even stayed home to play instead of going out and spending time with the family. Anyways let me begin... The graphics.....well......they're pretty. The cut scenes around the end are absolutely amazing but it's pretty sad that almost all the cut scenes were made to look like a book I mean ok the game takes place in a book ...

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    Fast and stylish arcade action 0

    The GoodLots of high speed thrillsGood graphics and nice effectsSome decent music which gives off the Arabian feelGood controlsNew RPG element adds a nice amount of depthLots of unlockables and extrasDecent voice actingThe BadSome unnecessary and sudden slow downsAwkward musicSome control issuesUnlockable skills are essentially game settings, which creates an frustrating difficulty levelBland party modeSome poorly designed extra missionsThe ReviewIt was 1991 when the world first said hello to So...

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    another sonic game forgotten 0

    The first Wii Sonic game sounds good on paper. You tilt the remote to move sonic and shake it to make sonic attack. Graphics are on par with the system and the story is actually descent. I feel it is where the gameplay dulls this game down. You only control sonic moving back and side to side. The game also doesn't respond to well. The skill rings are a nice rpg style touch to sonic that allows you to boost and attract rings. The music is embarassing. The same song plays in the menu, and the in g...

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    A great Sonic game 0

    Sonic the Hedgehog is back. After is abysmal 360 game and his lost of his A+ Mascot reputation, the wise cracking Mascot makes his way to the Wii. Will this be the final nail in his cofine, or dose the old mascot have a few more laps in him? The story starts with a ring genie name Sharha meeting and asking Sonic to save her world from the evil Erazor Djin whose been re-writing the stories of the Arabean Nights. The story also tells that a blue Hedgehog will save the day. Sonic is sucked into the...

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    A bad game with limited controls 0

    Sonic and the Secret Rings has generally been seen as one of the better Sonic console titles since the series began to struggle following the Genesis era. People actually like this game. How is that possible? This is a bad game further crippled by shit controls. The game is broken up into 7 worlds, each containing 10 or so missions. Each world is introduced with a headliner action stage. These main stages demonstrate a new take on the modernized Sonic gameplay dilemma, as Sonic is constantly mov...

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