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    Soreyuke Ebisumaru! Karakuri Meiro: Kieta Goemon no Nazo!!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 29, 1996

    A puzzle game in the Goemon franchise. Guide an oblivious Ebisumaru through a series of mazes by manipulating the level around him.

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    Soreyuke Ebisumaru! Karakuri Meiro: Kieta Goemon no Nazo!! ("Go There Ebisumaru! Contraption Maze: The Mystery of Goemon's Disappearance!!") is a spin-off "gaiden" puzzle game in Konami's Goemon franchise. It was the last Goemon game to be released on the Super Famicom. As is the case for the majority of Goemon games, it was never translated into English.

    It focuses on the kindhearted but awkward ninja Ebisumaru, who discovers that his friend Goemon is missing and sets off to find him. As well as talking to NPCs for hints along the way, Ebisumaru must also navigate through a series of mechanical mazes placed in his path.


    Ebisumaru will move forward along a set path until something obstructs this course, at which point he reverses direction. The player is able to manipulate parts of the level, such as arrows that point Ebisumaru in the direction they're pointing, and the player uses this to navigate Ebisumaru to the end of the level. There are various hazards and enemies in later levels that the player needs to work around in order to keep Ebisumaru safe.


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