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    Space Invaders Extreme 2

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 19, 2009

    Space Invaders Extreme 2 is the sequel to the cult favorite redux of Taito's arcade classic. Players once again take down the iconic invaders with a slew of weapons set to various techno songs, along with new gameplay features and tweaks not seen in the original.

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    Space Invaders Extreme 2 is Taito's second game in the series set to re-imagine the iconic arcade franchise. Sporting a new soundtrack as well as new Fever Time minigames, among other features, the game largely makes incremental upgrades and changes upon the formula set out by its predecessor. The game features a number of modes in which to partake, including online multiplayer modes that take advantage of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


    The core gameplay remains unchanged: you, as a lone ship, are tasked with defeating multiple waves of incoming invaders to earn points. Unlike the original arcade game, however, there's no cover to hide behind. It's just you and the invaders.
    The invaders are always lined in columns and get slowly closer to you with each time they reach the sides of the screen. As you progress, new types of invaders are introduced. Some possess special abilities such as shields that reflect or absorb shots, and vary in size. 


     A returning feature from the first Space Invaders Extreme are power-ups, which are obtained by defeating a certain number of enemies of the same color. The types of power-ups available are: 
    • a large blue laser that destroys multiple columns of enemies
    • an upgraded version of the standard cannon that has a wider reach
    • explosive shots that eliminate all enemies with in the blast radius, and
    • a shield that protects you from enemy shots for a limited time.

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