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    Space Invaders Extreme

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Feb 21, 2008

    Get totally hella wicked extreme in this updated take on Space Invaders, which adds a combo system, boss battles, and a lot of bass-heavy electronic music.

    demoninu's Space Invaders Extreme (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    Invaded My Time.

    Space Invaders Extreme Is just plain Fun. Not many XBLA games manage to get to this level in terms of layout and visuals. Only 800 in the market where most are 1200 to even 1600. Old school and new school. Everyone whos playing any amount of games knows the name. The online is kind of funky sometimes, But just playing by yourself is rewarding. If you love shooters, you'll love this.

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      8-bit meets HD in a remade classic 0

      Space Invaders Extreme was originally released on the PSP and DS in 2008 to mark the 30th anniversary of the arcade classic and it quickly found its niche as a superb pick-up-and-play action title for the portable systems. Taito has breathed new life into the game this year by hiring emulation specialists Backbone Entertainment to give it a fresh coat of HD paint for Xbox Live Arcade. "A familiar look and sound" The look of the game closely resembles other high intensity games on XBLA, such as R...

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      Excellent revamp of an all-time classic 0

      It’s Space Invaders, but extreeeeeeeeme! Available for 800 MSP on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Space Invaders Extreme is a revamp of the classic shooter, combining psychedelic visualizer backgrounds (by none other than Mr Tempest himself, Jeff Minter) and a pumping electro-synth-style soundtrack.   It’s a simple game: move your spacecraft at the bottom of the screen with the analogue stick and shoot the waves of incoming alien ships by hammering the ‘A’ button repeatedly. It’s hardly ‘One Bold Step’ for g...

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