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I Could 'Splode all Day 2

'Splosion Man is amazing. Twisted Pixel: The guys who brought you The Maw  is back with more Humor then a toasted ham Sangwitch. Frist of the Presentation is amazing...Graphics across the board are great for a XBLA game. Everything from the backgrounds to the menus' exude humor and perfection, But all that eye candy's nothing with some solid gameplay and Twisted pixel is just Twisted enough to pull it off. 40 or more level in the singleplay and just as many in Multiplayer, this game is going to ...

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This is just Electrifying 0

This game is just amazing. Infamous tells a interesting story if not alittle played out before. A Messanger ends up turning New York like city Empire City into ruin and changing the entire city for the worse. He now has to figure out what went wrong and how he did it. This game tells the story in a different way. Through a comic like view and ends up turning out just right. many games have tried this before, but never managed to get it right. Gameplay is where this game shines the most. You can...

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Invaded My Time. 0

Space Invaders Extreme Is just plain Fun. Not many XBLA games manage to get to this level in terms of layout and visuals. Only 800 in the market where most are 1200 to even 1600. Old school and new school. Everyone whos playing any amount of games knows the name. The online is kind of funky sometimes, But just playing by yourself is rewarding. If you love shooters, you'll love this. ...

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This game was downright amazing. Patapon 2 managed to adress all of the complaints that I had with the first Patapon.New units, New classes, Better replayabilty, and so on. Mostly its the catchy tunes and loveable characters. Highly recommend to anyone whos psp is lonely and sad. This game will give your psp new life....

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