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    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released May 26, 2009

    inFamous is a third-person open-world action game in which players take control of Cole, an urban explorer / bike messenger changed by a mysterious blast that grants him electricity-based superpowers.

    demoninu's inFamous (PlayStation 3) review

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    This is just Electrifying

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    This game is just amazing. Infamous tells a interesting story if not alittle played out before. A Messanger ends up turning New York like city Empire City into ruin and changing the entire city for the worse. He now has to figure out what went wrong and how he did it. This game tells the story in a different way. Through a comic like view and ends up turning out just right. many games have tried this before, but never managed to get it right. Gameplay is where this game shines the most. You can climb slide and much more in Empire city. Not to mention you have Powers caused by your package you where trying to deliver. Cole the main Character gets Electricity-Based powers. Now this game manages to do almost everything right. My only Complaint would be that when your climbing and transversing this city Cole has this kind of auto Stick to objects you are trying to get to. While this is great most of the time it can be annoying when your trying to get somewhere or get away from something and cole just won't stop clinging to things. Other this is you have a karma System that increases replayability, because the game goes two different directions, one is a good ending and vise versa.
    This game is highly recommended. Check it out. Check out From more Reviews and Info on just about anything. I post under Demoninu and my twitter is the same name. Give me feedback.

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