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How to make a proper comic book game

Playing through Arkham Asylum really made me think about how rare it is to play a great comic book inspired game. Here's a list of some of my favorites.

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  • BAA feels more like a Deus Ex game to me then a traditional comic book game. It has everything all the collecting and exploration from metroidvania style side scrolls but in a really fleshed out world. Setting the stage at Arkham Asylum at first seems limiting but then slowly opens up to become a great set piece. Can't wait till The Batman ends up in a Gotham heavy sequel.

  • Put simply my favorite comic book game of all time. Like the movie Unbreakable I love it for being an original universe that awesomely pays homage to its genre. The story is genuinely funny, which is extremely rare for a game. The sequel wasn't as strong, but I'd still love to see a sequel to the FF games.

  • Speaking of stories, MUA is one of my favorites. Take everything you casually know about the marvel universe and then throw it into a fairly long adventure with admittedly button-mashy controls and you've got a winner. Hell, the game has freaking Galactus in it.

  • Champions continues where City of Heroes left off and bar-none has the greatest character creator ever made for a videogame. I've spent more time just designing character's suits then actually playing the game. Still, it's a fun, if a bit casual MMO in its own right.

  • Funny, but I knew nothing about The Darkness comic until I played the game. The grimy world filled with mobsters and supernatural powers felt pretty cool when it came out. The only problem I have with the game is its absolutely floaty controls and auto-aiming. It just never felt... right.

  • 74 hit combo for the win! I spent many an hour trapped on the arcade version of this game. I remember buying the xbox version and getting absolutely wrecked by Japanese kids online. These days it's just way too fast for an old man like me, but back when it came out I absolutely adored it.

  • There are comic inspired games and then there are games where you play through a comic. Comix Zone still holds the award for the weirdest take on the comic as game genre.

  • To be honest I can't remember terribly how good the Batman video game or the NES was. I remember playing the hell out of it and that like a lot of NES action games was extremely hard. It plays a lot like a Castlevania game with a pretty strict control style and a healthy amount of switchable weapons.

  • Dunno how I forgot this one. Absolutely brilliant game that I would adore more if it hadn't destroyed my PS3 :(