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    Freedom Force

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 09, 2002

    Freedom Force is an RPG which focuses on story-heavy, mission based super hero combat. The games plot focuses on the origin stories of a group of accidental super heroes led by Minute Man.

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    Freedom Force chronicles the exploits of a group of super heroes in a strategy / RPG hybrid game. The unique aspect that distinguishes Freedom Force is the over the top humor and art style that pays homage to the Silver Age of Comic Books. The game was developed by Irrational Games and released in 2002.


    Ken Levine & Irrational initially pitched the game as"Justice Squad", a tactical turn-based RPG (like X-Com) that was even closer to the Silver Age of comics. But early on in development, they noticed the waning popularity of the tactical RPG genre and switched to a hybrid real-time combat. Ken noted the Baldur's Gate series as a major inspiration for the hybrid "pause and play" combat in the final game that encouraged liberal use of the pause-in-combat feature.


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    Freedom Force plays as a strategy / RPG game were you get to control up to 4 members of Freedom Force on several missions. Each of the heroes has various moves and superpowers that can be used in the game. As you gain more experience points from completing missions, you can unlock new powers for the characters. Unlike an action RPG game like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Freedom Force plays more like a tactical RPG, where you get to pause the action, plan your next move, and act accordingly.

    Hero Creation

    The hero creation feature allowed players to create their own heroes by mixing and matching many stock powers. Players could also give these heroes their own origin stories, allowing people to role play as their own creation. Years after the release, this proved be one of the most popular features of the game.


    Minute Man & Mentor
    Minute Man & Mentor

    Lord Dominion is an alien bent on world domination, and the only thing standing between him and achieving his goal is earth. He devises a diabolical scheme of endowing the criminals of earth with a super human power inducing substance known as energy X, and watching earth crumble from within. Before he can execute his plan, one of the alien citizens from his planet (known as Mentor) steals the canisters of energy X and heads to earth in the hope of giving the power to some good citizens who can stand against Lord Dominion's oppression. On his way to earth, Mentor's ship is shot down by Lord Dominion's forces and the canisters of energy X are dispersed all throughout Patriot City.

    Various people -some good and some evil- are exposed to the radiations of energy X and endowed with super human powers. The good ones join forces with Mentor and decide to form a group to fight the forces of evil, and defend Patriot City from all dangers. Each one of the heroes is granted a power that matches his or her personality. For example, Frank Stiles' patriotism translates to Minute Man, the righteous hero who fights for justice, and El-Diablo is a hot headed Latino whose fiery powers match his fiery personality. Together, this group of heroes is known as the Freedom Force.


    Hero powers are either offensive or defensive, with each group then dividing itself into sub-categories.

    Offensive Powers

    Offensive Powers can be divided into:

    • Area Powers
    • Beam Powers
    • Direct Powers
    • Melee Powers
    • Projective Powers
    • Special Powers


    AnnihilationA massive explosion that destroys the attacker and damages all targets
    AloftPropel objects straight upwards with great strenght
    Area EnergizeGeneric area attack
    BellowA primordial bellow with a ranged effect that causes Panic
    Bind TrapGeneric binding power
    Call of ConfusionAn echoing cry that causes Confusion in those that hear it
    Cortical SupressionCauses Mental Blank on all enemies within the area of effect
    Disrupt ObjectGeneric disrupt object attack
    Electrical ExplosionGeneric electrical explosion
    Electrical FieldA powerful attack that damages all targets within a radius
    Energy LeechDraws energy points out of a target
    ExplosionGeneric explosion
    Fire ExplosionGeneric fire explosion
    Fire Explosion LargeGeneric large fire explosion
    Ice ExplosionGeneric ice explosion
    Ignite ExplosionGeneric explosive ignition attack
    Lethes SongHypnotizes within a radius
    Molecular ExplosionExplosion that accompanies molecular excitation
    Order In the CourtCauses Fear in anyone caught in range
    Portal ExplosionExplosion that accompanies dimensional ruptures
    QuakeArea attack that deals heavy damage to any objects on the ground
    Rally the TroopsTemporarily gives nearby heroes mental resistance and cures Panic
    ReleaseAn attack that damages everything in a wide radius
    Roaring DoomInduces Panic within a radius
    Schoolyard TauntEnrages enemies and provokes them into attacking
    ScreechCauses Panic within a radius
    ShockwaveGeneric shockwave
    SnowstormConfuses opponents
    Space-Time RiftA very powerful attack; it has a long foreshadowing time, however
    Turret ExplosionGeneric turret explosion
    Ultrasonic SquealStuns everyone, either friend or foe, within a radius
    Unstable EnergyGeneric unstable energy attack
    Vine TrapEntangles the enemy and places them in Stasis
    WhirlpoolStrikes all in reach; similar effect to Water Jet


    Chronal ElectricityBeam that deals electrical damage
    Chronal EnergyBeam that deals energy damage
    Chronal RadiationBeam that deals radiation damage
    Cold Fusion RayA focused beam of oscillating energy
    Density MaxA ranged attack that increases the density of the target
    DisruptionCauses inanimate objects to explode
    Electron BeamA ranged attack with moderate damage
    Energy X-RayA powerful, medium range energy beam
    Flame CannonA fiery ranged attack
    Flame GunA fiery short-ranged attack
    FocusA standard ranged attack
    Freeze RayCauses targets to Freeze
    Icicle BlastAn icy ranged attack
    IrradiateCauses the target to become radioactive, taking progressive damage
    MeltdownRanged beam attack that passes straight through to the target
    Microwave BeamA long range attack
    Modulating BeamA penetrating beam attack
    Rad PistolA powerful ranged radiation attack
    Reminder RayA low-damage, short-range attack
    Sacred BoltRanged electrical attack
    Seeking BeamBeam attack that ignores obstacles, dealing cold damage
    Sonic ShriekPenetrating beam attack with a good chance of stunning opponents
    Storm BoltA ranged projectile with moderate damage
    Tongues of FlameEffective ranged beam attack
    TransferTransfers the user's own energy points to a target (useful to help allies)
    Water JetLow-damage, high Stun and Knockback attack


    AlterationRandomly inflicts primary states and removes secondary states
    BalancePools hit points of user and target, then divides them equally
    Binding VinesParalyzing attack that binds the target with vines
    Cerebral BalanceCure an ally of any special mental state
    Chrono CrushA ranged attack that causes its target to become slow or paralyzed
    Commuted SentenceRemoves secondary states like Blindness or Irradiated
    Darkness PowerPowerful ranged explosive attack
    Direct 01Generic direct attack
    EnergizeAccelerate other character's energy regeneration, but with chance of stun
    Energize OtherIncreases the target's energy regeneration, but causes unstable energy
    Entangling VinesEntangle foes with vines
    Genetic DamageAlter the resistances of a target
    IgnitionSet fire to objects, causing them to explode in a fireball
    Instinct DominanceCauses Rage in a single target, either enemy or ally
    MercyTransfer health points to other characters
    Molecular ExcitationTurns any inanimate object it affects into a bomb
    Power NullRemoves a randomly selected power from an enemy target
    PurgatoryTemporarily banish an enemy from this plane of existence
    RepulsionBatters an enemy against an object or removes them from melee range
    Swarm of LeavesSwarm of leaves appears to Blind the enemy
    Throw VoiceForces an enemy to use taunt, making his allies go berserk
    Vengeance CurseA curse from the goddess to vex the unworthy


    BiffA hefty punch
    Blinding ScratchCauses blindness
    Cloven KickA standard melee attack
    ClubA standard melee attack
    Commie ClobberA standard melee attack
    CondemnationSpinning attack that strikes all within a short radius
    Double UppercutTwo quick strikes
    Electric ArcPowerful attack that hits everything within a short arc
    Fist FlurryThree strikes in quick succession
    Fist FusilladeDelivers six average punches in quick succession
    Flaming FistStrong, fiery melee attack
    Flaming SpearDeals heat damage
    Flip-KickPowerful attack that delivers good damage and knockback
    Frost PunchA standard melee attack
    GoreAttack using jagged horns
    Hammer CarnageA series of reasonably fast, very damaging attacks
    Hammer CrushA slow, yet very damaging attack
    HaymakerMelee attack that affects an area, knocking opponents up and away
    HeadbuttMove quickly to a target and slam it with damage
    Icicle SlashAttack using razor-sharp icicles
    InterferenceAttack with a semi-materialized hand, causing severe damage
    JabAttack that pierces through an opponent's defenses
    KickA standard melee attack
    Mandible AssaultA triple attack that strikes everything in a short forward-facing arc
    Mandible BiteA powerful melee attack
    Mecha SmashUse this to smash any architectural ignoramus
    Mecha StompStomp on the inferior structures
    Nature's KissAn attack that can cause hypnosis
    One-Shot PunchHigh velocity jab
    Patriot Whirl360º spin that strikes everyhing in its arc
    Piercing PeckA basic melee attack
    Pincer PunchA quick double attack
    Poison SpearVery potent attack that causes acid burn
    Pressure PunchDelivers moderate damage and knockback
    Psyche-SlashDelivers multiple strokes, but has a slow lead up time
    PunchA standard melee attack
    PunishmentShort, sharp whack with the hammer of punishment
    RendA standard melee attack
    RiptideAn attack that strikes three times in quick succession
    ScratchA standard melee attack
    ShoveA high knockback that causes no damage
    SlamDelivers a blast of crushing damage to an area
    SlapLow-damage attack
    SlashAttack with a wide arc, but lower damage
    SmashA slow but powerful melee attack
    Smite the WickedShort, sharp slap for the unworthy
    Snap KickA very fast, low damage kick
    SpearA short-range melee attack
    Strike for FreedomAn attack with the staff of patriotism
    Swift PunchA fast punch
    The Ol' One-TwoQuick attack that strikes twice for low-damage
    Thorax PunchA simple, fast jab
    ThrustAn attack that delivers some good damage
    TrouncingDelivers three strong attacks in quick succession
    VanquishA quick double attack
    WallopA standard punching attack
    WhamSolid melee attack
    Wrecking BallPowerful attack, good for smashing objects... and people


    Acid ArrowCauses progressive acid damage
    Acid BombAcid grenade that causes acid burn to a small radius
    Acid SprayAttack that causes acid burn
    Ant SwarmHoming attack that causes Blind in the target
    Arcane BoltA small bolt of mystic energy
    ArrowLow-damage, but accurate long-range attack
    Ball LightningHard to target, but attacks large groups of enemies randomly
    Bermuda TriangleEntangling projectile attack
    Bubble GumA bomb that puts Stasis on the target
    Bubble SwarmFires several weak projectiles that home in on the target
    Darkness BombAn area effect bomb attack that causes Blind
    Energy BulletPowerful ranged projectile
    Energy GrenadeSolid ranged explosive attack
    Flame BurstAn attack that does heat damage
    GrenadeA low-power explosive grenade with an area effect
    HellfireA mighty explosion that releases other smaller explosions
    Ice BulletA short-range burst of medium-damage ice bullets
    InfernoPowerful explosive projectile
    Living ArrowHomes in on its target
    Mafioso Tommy GunRanged burst from the tommy gun
    Minute MissileA medium-damage projectile attack that strikes all those in range
    Pistol ShotLow-damage ranged attack
    Plasma RocketExplosive rockets; bad at short-range, but good over long distances
    Projectile 1Generic projectile attack
    Projectile 2Generic projectile attack
    Proximity GrenadeA bouncing bomb that will remain dormant until an enemy gets close
    Rad BoltsA projectile that spawns new copies of itself in flight
    Shadow ShurikenLow-damage ranged attack
    Sonic WingProjectile that releases a powerful concussive blast when it strikes
    Stun GrenadeBouncing bomb that causes no damage, but inflicts Stun
    Sukhov's ShotStandard pistol attack
    Sunday PunchThrows out a shockwave of damage to stun an opponent
    Swarm of ArrowsSplits into multiple arrows that seek out and strike random enemies
    WhirlwindCarries opponents in the air before stunning and dropping them


    300-PercenterCauses the next melee attack to do triple damage
    Blind JusticeAllows you to go Berserk at will, and adds a bonus to strenght; anyone within range will be attacked, though
    Cloak of ShadowsSlip into the shadows, becoming invisible
    Clone SelfCreates a duplicate of the user
    Deja DuplicationCreates a duplicate deja-vu, with half hit points
    Displace ImageUser becomes temporarily invulnerable, but cannot attack
    ElectrifyProvides a burst of electricity to the user
    EmpathyAn active defense which causes enemies to share the damage they inflict
    Speeding BulletKnocks back enemies at the end of a sprinting run
    SprintAllows you to move to a chosen spot nearly instantly
    Teleport SelfMove to any point within visual range
    UncloakBecome visible again

    Defensive Powers

    Defensive Powers can be divided into:

    • Active Defense Powers
    • Passive Defense Powers


    Arms of the GoddessProtection against a variety of projectile and beam attacks
    Bubble ShellA good defense that will absorb all attacks, but that has limited HP
    Energy ShieldProvides protection from all attack types
    Fire it UpA powerful defense that burns enemy attacks before they can strike
    HarmonyPrevents damage being taken from elemental forces
    Hyper SpinActive defense, but the character cannot move or attack while in use
    Ice ShellA sturdy defense against all attacks
    Iron JawActive defense that gives extra protection against mundane damage
    Kinetic BarrierProtects against all physical attacks
    Magnetic HarborA defense useful against projectiles, energy and electricity
    National GuardAn energy shield that redirects projectile attacks at a nearby enemy
    Proton ShieldShield the user from pesky projectiles


    Absorb HeatGain Energy Points from incoming heat damage
    Blessed AegisCompletely protect against mystical attacks
    Charge RedirectionAutomatically redirects electricity attacks onto the nearest enemy
    Contain EnergyTurn damage from energy attacks into extra energy points
    Current BounceAutomatically redirects electricity attacks onto the nearest enemy
    Density ControlAbsorbs all attacks
    Eternal VigilanceGives a 50% chance to deflect projectiles
    Fancy FootworkDefense against Crushing and Piercing attacks
    Fluttering FeathersYou confound the enemy, making you harder to hit
    Heat SiphonGain energy points from incoming fire damage
    JusticeShields the user from many melee attacks
    Kraken's ScalesDefense against crushing, piercing and energy attacks
    Mental BarrierProtects against all mental attacks
    MetabolizeAbsorb acid and radiation damage from ranged attacks
    Scram AbsorbTurn radiation into Energy Points, but releases rads periodically
    Shrug OffDefense that protects against energy, fire and cold damage


    There's a wide range of attributes for the player to choose from, but not all of them are good-- afterall, all heros should have a weakness :)

    These "bad attributes" are not just for fun, though, as they can be selected to buy back some "credits" in order to be able to buy more good ones. Choose carefully!

    Displayed in alphabetical order.

    ArmoredResistant to piercing. Speed reduced by 1
    BeautifulEnemies attempting melee attacks on character must make a successful resistance check against hypnosis
    BedeviledVulnerable to mystical damage
    Berserker10% chance of becoming enraged after taking damage
    BlindLowers accuracy on ranged attacks. Adds a penalty to the swiftness of melee attacks and dodge chances
    BlitzkriegAdds 3 to the swiftness of all melee attacks, and extra damage
    ChargedResistant to electricity. All melee attacks do 5 points of electrical damage
    ClawsAdds 10 points of piercing damage to all melee attacks
    ClumsyCan't pick up or wield objects
    Cold-BloodedIt makes you more vulnerable to cold damage
    Cosmic ChumpIt makes you vulnerable to energy attacks
    Crack ShotIncreases accuracy
    Cybernetic BrainResistant to: hypnosis, enrage, panic, mental blank. Increases accuracy
    Danger SenseAdds 1 speed bonus to dodge attempts
    Density ControlImmune to knock-back. Jumping abilities similar to Jumper attribute
    DisciplinedResistant to all mental attacks: hypnosis, mental blank, rage, panic
    EnergeticYour energy recharges twice as fast, but you only have half the normal maximum energy
    Extra HeroicYour character receives an extra hero point
    Fast HealingYour character will continously recover HP whenever they are damaged, up to a maximum of 100 HP
    FlierYou can... fly
    FluctuationYou are dangerously unpredictable; random damage of 0% to 300% of base damage amount
    FocusAttack area range is halved, damage is doubled
    Glass BonesYou're more vulnerable to crushing damage. Plus, you make rattling noises when you walk!
    Grim ResolveMore resistant to stun damage
    GroundedYou're more vulnerable to electrical damage
    Heat SensitiveYou're more vulnerable to heat attacks
    Heavy HitterThe damage of all wielded attacks is doubled
    Heavy LifterAdds strenght value to lifting and throwing
    HeroicGives one more hero point
    HirsuteGreater resistance to cold damage
    Hot TemperedRandomly uses higher intensity powers
    InvertebrateYou're more resistant to radiation
    JumperScales you effective jumping ability
    Level HeadedYou're resistant to mystical and mental damage
    LevitateYou fly with half the normal movement speed and doubles the EP cost
    Light SpeedThe damage of all beam attacks is increased and it adds 3 to swiftness
    MyopicDecreases accuracy
    NeutralizeYou're more resistant to acid damage
    NimbleCharacter gets 3 to agility, but has -10% HP
    PonderousCharacter can't dodge and gets a -2 penalty to the swiftness of melee attacks
    RadioactiveHighly resistant to radiation
    Rapid MetabolismVulnerable to acid and radiation
    Shake it OffThe duration of all prolonged damage states is halved
    Slow MovingCharacter has a -3 penalty speed to dodge attempts, but gets 10% more HP
    Solid SkeletonResistant to crushing damage
    Strange VisitorYou're more resistant to energy damage
    Temperature ControlResistant to heat and cold
    Thin SkinnedMore vulnerable to piercing damage
    Timid5% chance of becoming panicked after taking damage
    Tough GuyAll resistances are increased by 50%
    UnbelieverMore resistant to all forms of mystical attack
    UnheroicYour character receives one less hero point
    Unstable EnergyRandomly triggers energy release area attack when character takes damage
    Unstable MoleculesYour material type is randomly selected at the beginning of every mission, for the duration of that mission
    VolcanicResistant to heat damage
    Wall ClimbingYou can... climb walls.
    Weak MindedYour resistance to mental damage is halved

    Fan Community

    Freedom Force has an active fan community at that produces many mods and custom heroes on a regular basis.

    Steam Release

    Both the Freedom Force games were re-released on Steam on May 29, 2009 as part of "Freedom Pack".

    PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/ME/2000/98 (95 and NT are not supported)
    • Processor: 300 MHz Intel Pentium II or AMD K6-2
    • RAM Memory: 96 MB RAM
    • Graphics Card: 16 MB supported Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
    • Hard Drive Space: 31 MB, not including saved games
    • Sound Card: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 600 MHz or faster Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
    • RAM Memory: 128 MB or more
    • Graphics Card: 32 MB or greater supported Direct3D capable video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
    • Hard Drive Space: 570 MB or more free hard disk space plus space for saved games
    • Sound Card: Environmental Audio capable sound card

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