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It Just Does Not Deliver. 2

Spartan Total Warrior is a game designed by the Total War series. In this game, you play as The Spartan as he goes on a quest to save his beloved city from the . The game starts off in where the Romans have besieged. You are the Spartan who will soon become a fabled warrior with the help of Ares, the God of War. Right at the beginning you are put in a fight with Roman recruits who have horrible AI (but I shall talk more about that later). I have mixed feelings about Spartan Total Warrior. I t...

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Fun, Plain n' Simple 0

Spartan: Total Warrior is a good game and it's a great deal of fun. You should know, though, it's not easy. Its not near as hard as, say, Ninja Gaiden, but its got a challenge. But the reason it is hard is the reason it's good. At any time you may face over 100 enemies, which is just awesome, admit it. But let's break it down:That gameplay in by far the best part of the game, as it should be. You constantly have to multitask, whether it is trying to kill a Minotaur and fend off hordes of Romans ...

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