Split or Steal

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    A prisoner dilemma game of Split or Steal, players have to either work together or betray each other for their own agendas.

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    Split or Steal - A prisoner Dilemma Game that focuses on players interaction with each other, having consequences that would affect not only to the player themselves but also to the people around them.

    As the name suggests, Split or Steal offers two options Split or Steal which are the main game-play mechanics, Should the player choose to steal from the unsuspecting player, they can drown in riches but risk having their karma sink to the bottom and be branded by the world as a Thief. Otherwise, if the player chooses to Obtain through diplomacy together with each other by pressing the Split Option, this would allow both the players to recieve equal amount of rewards and progress on together while having their karma increase a little.
    However, if both thieves attempt to steal from each other, they will both end up losing the round while gaining very little coins plus the decrease of karma.

    Split or Steal also features many ways for players to spend their well-earned (or not) Money to get buildings in what's called a "HQ" , players can build buildings to further their interests as a Thief or a Splitter (People who would 100% Split) People can also build buildings that helps them achieve the maximum amount of Artifacts generated per day. Artifacts are treated like Relics which gives a boost to the player Coins, Attack and Defense stats, they are permanent and perhaps the most after item in the game. However, the players can also choose to invest in getting their own cool outfit from the shop where they can buy many available avatars or cool backgrounds for their own desire.

    Additionally, Organisations is a key feature of this game, it's is considered like a clan feature where the player can create a group of either Thieves or Splitters and have a Organisation benefit to doing so. This benefit from the Organisation would come in conjunction to buildings in HQ where which building built not only benefit the player themselves but also benefit the Organisation based on what buildings are built.

    Lastly, the game is available on both the Steam Platform and on Kongregate (where the game first launched), it features crossplay across both platforms and allows importing of saved profiles from one platform to another.


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