Spore - The Grox - SPOILERS!

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Damn these grox are annoying as SHIT
i had no idea who the grox were and just thought it was anougher race - i made the silly mistake of attacking them and now im paying the price :S lol
(i stupidly saved it after i lived through the attack Gah! lol)

The grox are now being the biggest annoyance EVER - they keep attacking me, 3 times in the past 20 or so mins and im now confused on what to do!
There empire is HUGE, it basically goes all the way around the center of the universe - trying to take these on would be like 1 man against the world - a pig to slaughter....

Can anyone make any suggestions - other then starting a new game lol - what might be usefull in my defence against them?
like i say, trying to kill or terraform all there planets will takes fecking YEARS lol
im so close to the end as well - 2 badges remaining! - 
i might just wait it out and gain the rest of the badges too see what happens ( DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS )
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"Never attack the grox"

Quote SSbabel
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SSbabel said:
"Never attack the grox"

Quote SSbabel
i learned that lesson, thanks for not being of any  help, Shall i call you Mr. Troll for now on? xD lol

but yeah, i learned that, but as its too late and i really don't wanna start again yet, your of no help :S hehe

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