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Squeeballs Party is a mini-game collection, similar to games like Wii Sports, with the premise that the player is testing out Squeeballs' quality before they are sent out to be played with by the children of the world. This game carries a sensibility similar to violent cartoons like Tom and Jerry, as the Squeeballs are subjected to comical, if a bit horrific, trauma at the hands of the players.

Originally released in 2009 for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, Squeeballs Party has a planned 2010 release date for the Xbox 360.  The Xbox 360 version will be bundled with the Gametrak Freedom motion-sensing controller, allowing it to be played like the Wii version of the game.
Squeeballs contains the following 11 mini-games:

  • Tenpin Bowling:  Similar to Wii Sports' bowling game, the Squeeballs are stuffed into pins and the player uses a bowling ball to try to knock them all down.
  • Feeding Frenzy: In this mode, the player must fire the Squeeballs at El Toro, who then eats them.
  • Cannon: Similar to tennis or ping pong, Squeeballs are fired at the player, who swings the controller to bat them back.
  • Cooking: Like Cooking Mama, Squeeballs must be prepared as a meal.  Players have to flip, shake, and cut the Squeeballs using the controller.
  • Crazy Lanes: Similar to Tenpin Bowling, but with oddly shaped lanes and other obstacles.
  • Paint by Squeeballs: The player fires differently colored Squeeballs at a canvas to make a picture.
  • Creature Testing Belt: The player smacks around the Squeeballs as they go by on a conveyor belt to test their quality.
  • Pumping: The player inflates the Squeeballs enough to allow them to navigate through a course, but not so much that they explode.
  • Squeeball Golf: The Squeeballs are the ball, not suprisingly.
  • Shock: The player has to stay along the electric wire to keep from frying the Squeeball.
  • Stampede: Squeeballs attempt to stampede the player, who must shoot them before being overrun.

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