So...this is what the TV show is gonna be right?

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"Star Wars: Underworld", the upcoming Star Wars live action series is reportedly set in between episodes 3 and 4 and focuses on Bounty Hunters and the criminal underworld of Coruscant. I'm fairly certain the characters in the demo are digitally scanned actors. So is it likely that this game is tied into that Television show?

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doubt it. it'd be great but an annocment of that magnitude would be known by now. i honestly have doubts as to if that show will ever happen.

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I was thinking along those lines, though I think they have completely canned the TV show and replaced it with this game. Even with all the tech, its probably cheaper and less risky to produce than a TV show.

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tv show??? nuhh, i think they wouldn't go that far... they're selling right now so i don't think they'll go to take that risk..

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The most recent news I've heard about the series is the Rick McCallum interviews. I don't think they're selling... Lucasfilm would never allow their Star Wars baby to be controlled by anyone other than them. They're still working on how to monetize the series because of their projected budget of 15+ million per episode. Last thats been announced in any official capacity, is that its still happening, just not anytime soon.

It's a good question though, whether the game is attached to the series in some way. Not enough information at present. But I wouldn't take things like digitally scanned actors as confirmation of anything... many maaaany games nowadays do this. They'll even use the same scanned actor for all the mocap, when it isn't really necessary to do that. It's just become common practice.

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