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I finally broke down!

I held out on buying Knights of the Old Republic 2 for a while, because I'm somewhat of a Bioware "fanboy", and didn't think that any other game company could develope a game that would live up to the original.  I was wrong.  This game actually surpasses the original in several ways.  However, I'm not saything that Bioware couldn't have done better if they had made KOTOR 2.  I know people encountered bugs in this game,  but I really didn't have that much trouble with them, there were occasional annoying lag spikes, but I only had two game breaking bugs. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience.

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     KOTOR II is my personal favorite star wars based game and one of the best rpgs that I have played.Gameplay:Customization is great thanks to the effects the large amount of decisions, powers, and equipment contained in the game. The use of the pause button and easy to use options during battle, make it a very aprochable and fun rpg. I could really go on and on about how great the gameplay is in KOTOR II is, but there is something i have to say instead. The game should have been tested a bit more...

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