GLS VODs are free this weekend

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#2 Posted by Thule (739 posts) -

Watching free games if good, but I don't think watching the finals is a good idea. Hasn't every GSL Final been a total dissapointment so far?

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#3 Posted by csl316 (14059 posts) -

@Thule: Yes, except for the team leagues.

Ditch the individual league finals and watch some GSTL best of 9's! I'd still recommend the Korea vs. the World one most of all.

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#4 Posted by raiz265 (2263 posts) -

Code A also had some nice finals I think, but yeah, Code S is a onesided stomp most of the time.

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#5 Posted by Vexxan (4634 posts) -

People seem to recommend the old GSTL finals so I think I'll watch them later tonight. As stated previously, the regular GSL finals are kinda meh.

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#6 Edited by JusticeCat (117 posts) -

Great set to watch, Jys is Jeon Yong-Soo aka SlayerS_Dragon.

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What does Guy L. Steele Jr. have to do with this?

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