I need some friends, please?

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#101 Posted by ch3burashka (6087 posts) -

You is a strong independent woman; you don't need no man.

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#102 Posted by helvetica (152 posts) -
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#103 Posted by Gantrathor (295 posts) -
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#104 Posted by RichyHahn4 (272 posts) -

Steam handle: arc_assassin_4_

feel free to add me for any game

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#105 Posted by gunninkr (188 posts) -


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#106 Posted by Pezen (2142 posts) -
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#107 Edited by INV2 (321 posts) -

Went on an add friend spree! Add me!


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#108 Edited by Punchinello (4 posts) -
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#109 Posted by T_wester (839 posts) -
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#111 Posted by skiwix (14 posts) -
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#112 Posted by MuftyRiots (132 posts) -
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#113 Posted by Duhhxx (2 posts) -

Feel free to add me everyone! I would love to be your friend! :)


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#114 Edited by godlyone (157 posts) -
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#115 Edited by Bloodlines (200 posts) -
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#116 Edited by Jodski (204 posts) -
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#117 Posted by physicalscience (293 posts) -

Mine is just physicalscience. Feel free to add me!

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#118 Edited by zedman (145 posts) -
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#119 Posted by JBG4 (705 posts) -

Invite sent... JBG4 on Steam. I also need all of the friends I can get

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#120 Posted by JBG4 (705 posts) -

I picked up a couple of adds and added a few guys after my post, thanks to those who sent me invites... I'll gladly accept all that do.

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#121 Posted by Mike (17288 posts) -

I added a couple of random people from this topic, but anyone is also free to add me. You guys should also join the Giant Bomb Steam Group!


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#122 Posted by RinNowaru (930 posts) -
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#123 Posted by Zhung (7 posts) -

Been trying to get into DOTA and if any fellow duders want to join up in the beat down without fear of hearing terrible things directed at them (at least not from me) I am cool with that.


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#124 Posted by pygmy7 (28 posts) -

Feel free to add me as well!


or Pygmy Tarsier

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#125 Posted by Courgette (7 posts) -
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#126 Posted by GaussianGhost (2 posts) -

Add me too guys! We can play TF2 and stuff!


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#127 Edited by Survivor95635 (2 posts) -

Feel free to add me on Steam: Make sure you say you are from Giantbomb :p

Steam ID: Deusexhuma


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#128 Posted by APortlyNinja (4 posts) -

anyone who wants to add me are free to :)

steam id: aportlyninja

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#129 Posted by Error_Operator (5 posts) -

Always looking for more good dudes to play games with. Steam ID: Error Operator

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#130 Posted by Fennefoss (31 posts) -

Used to be an mmo-gamer and nintendo kid, with a console for the more "demanding" games. But now i've finally taken the plunge into building a beasty pc, and a steam library.

Just finished Metal Gear Revengeance, and started Borderlands 2, still playing solo at lvl 11 (sad face). Add me if you wanna play, desperately need some steam friends who play other things besides TF2 and Dota2

Steam ID: Fennethefuzz

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