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    Stream is a playable character in Divekick. He is a parody of Street Fighter's Dhalsim and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Firebrand.

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    Stream is a playable character in Divekick. He is a monster in a straitjacket who references popular live-stream chat phrases. His abilities including double jumping, turning invisible, divekicking in the style of Dhalsim's Yoga Spear and spitting out fireballs like Firebrand which form a flame carpet on the floor. Some of his favourite phrases are "Is this a major?" and "Great tournament, great experience!"

    • Health: 666
    • Power: 666,666
    • Hometown: Unknown
    • Blood Type: Unknown
    • Likes: Trolling, Flame baiting, Rating things, Face icons
    • Dislikes: Moderators, Civility, Kindness, Respect

    Divekick: Addition Edition changes

    [ + ] Stream's Glitch Pop SFX no longer plays when there is a round time out.

    [ + ] Can now launch a second Flame Bait (air special) even if another is already active on screen. Doing so will cancel the existing Flame Bait. You can still only use one Flame Bait per jump.

    [ + ] Some instances of buffering bugs that caused unwanted special moves have been fixed.

    [ + ] Stream can now turn invisibility off manually by using Spooby PLS (ground special) again.

    [ + ] In Kickfactor, Stream no longer gets any speed buff. Instead, taking any basic action (Jump, back jump, double jump, air back jump, or kicking) will summon a Mini Monster Missile. This can be done every 90 frames (1.5 seconds) during Kickfactor. His Kickfactor duration is now 10 seconds.


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