Sugoi Hebereke

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 11, 1994

    Japan-exclusive action fighting video game released in 1994 for the Super Famicom. It features Hebereke and pals, SunSoft's Sanrio-esque stable of mascot characters.

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    Sugoi Hebereke ("Amazing Hebereke") is a 1994 competitive multiplayer arena fighter and a spin-off of the usually more puzzle-focused Hebereke series. Hebereke and his friends take to a number of different arenas to brawl each other. Upon being defeated, the character turns into one of the "Popoons" of Hebereke's Popoon (a Puyo Puyo inspired puzzle game).

    Sugoi Hebereke was one of a few Hebereke games to never receive a European localization (Ufouria is the only game in the series to see a US release). SunSoft would take what they learned for future fighting/party games like Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors or Astra Super Stars.


    Each arena is depicted from a top-down perspective and has a mix of native obstacles and items that are carried into the arena by smaller "helper" characters. These items can make a character stronger, recover their health or even sabotage them.

    Sugoi Hebereke features Hebereke (penguin), Oh-Chan (girl in cat suit), Sukezaemon (ghost with shades), Jennifer (big-lipped frog), Boo (purple bird), Utsu (alien in cat suit), Pen (boy in penguin suit) and Unyo (alien wearing a helmet). Each has their own array of basic attacks.


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