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Ranking of Fighters: SNES Fighters Checklist

As Giant Bomb's resident SNES expert, or SNESpert (ew?), I've been both delighted and horrified by how many terrible SNES fighters have been highlighted by the grand ranking project of Snr. Scientist Jeff Gerstmann, Snr. Scientist Jason Oestreicher, and Jnr. Scientist 3rd-Grade (Pending Review) Ben Pack, as seen over here. However, they have many more left to subject themselves to: that library is dark and full of terrors, especially when you get to the Super Famicom exclusives.

For each item, I've included whether or not they've been ranked. If they have, I've included the R.O.F. episode number. For those that were covered on other systems, like SNK fighters, I've included those details along with other notes. This list is in chronological release order.

(I turned this into an image once, but it was kind of enormous and unwieldy (it's here fyi) so I just made it a list instead. I make a lot of lists, so it's cool.)

Current Percentage of SNES Fighter Library Ranked: 25.97%

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