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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden ("Dragon Ball Z: Super Fighting Story") is a licensed game based on Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z franchises, and the first game (of three) in the Super Butoden series of DBZ fighting games. The player can either follow the story, which begins during the final saga of Dragon Ball and culminates with the end of the Cell Games saga, or they can fight a second player either in a single versus battle or in an eight-person tournament. The game features thirteen fighters, though five of these need to be unlocked and of those five three are simply stronger versions of existing characters.

The game was released by Bandai, who hired freelance developers TOSE to create the game, in Japan in early 1993. The game was also released in France later the same year with the shorter title of Dragon Ball Z, but this version wasn't localized into any other language or released in any other European country.


Unlockable Characters

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