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So I've got all the star coins, and now have the lovely task of completing all levels with both characters, and getting gold flags on every level. I have the indicator which shows me if I have a gold flag on the level (bottom right of the top screen on world select), but do not have either a Mario or Luigi icon next to said flags telling me who I've finished a level with. I've seen on youtube videos that this is a feature, but it is not apparent on my game. Has this happened to anyone else, or does it unlock at a certain point? Cheers

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It unlocked for me after beating all the worlds, collecting all the coins, and then fighting bowser one more time as luigi.

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@Alo81: Which Bowser? Special or normal world 8? Thanks

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After beating Special world 8 bowser, beat Normal world 8 bowser again and it unlocks.

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so thats what the yellow flags mean?

just read that there could be potential DLC for this game. I could go for some more worlds that would be sick.

Personally, this game is 5/5 for me.

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