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    Super Mario Galaxy

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Nov 01, 2007

    In Mario's first Wii adventure, the famed plumber travels throughout the universe on his latest quest to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser.

    sin4profit's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) review

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    A recognizable masterpiece.

    Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpiece in game making taking the idea of what 3D platforming was and bringing it full circle in it's level design. It's a bright, colorful and imaginative joy throughout. Even in frustrating moments ( moments that challenged me with gameplay)  i couldn't help but to be reminded, "...but still, this is totally a masterpiece".

    In it you must save Princes Peach, cause...she's prone to kidnapping? ...yeah. Regardless of the story it's all put together to serve you various challenging, and beautiful, level designs. When you complete each level you collect stars, gather more stars and you unlock more levels to progress to the final fight. You can complete the game without having played all of the levels offered so you can pick and choose which levels you'd like to play. Outside of the main game levels there are hidden levels and also alternative challenges in the form of comets that challenge you to complete previous levels with alternate rules, such as a time limit, or completing the level without getting hit.

    There is something of a Co-op feature in the game as well. A second player is a support player helps collect star bits (which can be used to shoot objects by both the original player and the support player, and also as a currency to unlock hidden levels) and also to hold down enemies making combat easier for the original player.

    Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic game and a must have for the Wii. If you're into platform games it's a must play title.

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      To be blunt, Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. Obviously the best the Wii has seen in this year it has been out. This is basically the game that nearly every Wii owner bought their Wii for. This is the game that hardcore gamers have been begging for. Although it is a fantastic game for longtime Nintendo fans, new and non-gamers will love it as well. For example, my six year old sister saw me playing this and asked if she could start a file. Nintendo has nailed it. The story, as in every other...

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