Scoops reports on Mario Maker levels being deleted, even by highly popular streamers

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I enjoy Grand Poo Bear's youtube antics, and his mario maker completion videos are incredible. Its utter nonsense that Nintendo would have removed all his stuff, especially without notice. Not just levels either, but stars, records, everything.

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Is this at all surprising? Nintendo has shown a clear, stubborn obtuseness to all things online and has doggedly refused to acknowledge or even attempt to understand the intricacies of online communities for their games and their huge benefits. This isn't going to change anytime soon.

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At least they're impartial?

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The nail that sticks out gets hammered.

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#5 Posted by Quarters (2658 posts) -

Well, this will certainly be in the text books when people are studying "How to Screw Up a Sure Thing".

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I have had three of my levels removed from the servers. The most annoying thing about it is that you are given zero indication as to the reasons why your levels are removed. Another ridiculous thing about it is that you can't even edit your level in any way and re-upload them. After my first two levels got removed I started creating back-ups of my other levels in case any others got removed, but I found out that is also pointless because the back-up of a level that is removed cannot be uploaded in place of the removed level either. There is already a restriction on the number of levels you can upload so I see no reason to remove levels at all, with the exception of courses that have the likes of profanity in them.

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I'm not sure I even buy the excuse that levels are deleted if they're not popular. My levels barely get played but they're still online. And I admit, all but one, maybe two of them I would consider not great.

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I think they need to differentiate between 'removed' and 'removed from 100-mario rotation'.

Lot of cool inventive and/or useful levels that are great but...if they pop up on 100-mario they are absolute trash. Kaizo levels, Dan's atrocities automatic mario and amiibo showcases at the other end of the spectrum are good examples.

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The first level I ever made was with my niece was deleted recently now I'm worried a level I spent a week on will soon suffer the same fate as it has a super low clear rate (only 2/25) but I'm not sure how Nintendos criteria of popularity works. Does a level need to be constantly getting stars, simply played, beaten or something else?

I understand wanting to clear out the crap but Nintendos way of just deleting unpopular levels isn't the solution. So many bs levels come up in my 100 Mario Challenge rotation all the time and a lot of expert or super expert levels only have that difficulty is because they just kill you from the get go.

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This is the guy who had poop references in his levels and recorded his interaction with a CS rep, who would have very little say or power in this matter?

Sure, it's fine to get pissed but he went about it in the worst way from what I can tell.

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Why not give the option of local storage so you can still store and play your own levels and maybe directly share with them friends and the like?

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I fired up the game today to find the only level I've made has been deleted. It was made in about an hour, I called it Matthew McCoinaughey and I thought it was a clever funny little level. I don't care if twenty people play it. It was there for my friends to be accessed at any time and now I can't even upload it again. NintenDON'T? I think not. More like NinteNOT EVER AGAIN! It's just hard to accept after LBP where levels would stay online forever.

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@basketsnake: Not only that, but every LBP level ever made was brought into LBP3.

If Nintendo would at least make some guidelines

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What a world we live in, where people can base their entire income on videos of Mario Maker levels and are completely at the whims of the customer service at Nintendo to continue their livelihood.

It sounds like some kind of dystopian future, except people choose to do this because ordinary jobs are just that unbearable.

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