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Super Meat Boy Review

When I first saw this game I thought it would be just like any other plat former over the years. I was really excited for it and when I saw the first game play my heart dropped. For a while I didn’t follow any of the news that was coming out about the game. But then, during Extra life I watched Daemon Hatfield play it and I was in awe. It’s like I saw a new light. This game wasn’t just any other plat former; it was a “game changer” for me.      

            I bought the game as soon as I got home on Wednesday and started playing. The game play is fast, fun, and smooth. I got through the first world very easily, but then, I got hit in the face with a huge learning curve. That is one of the very few problems with this game. For a game like this the controls must be tight and responsive. Most of the time they are perfectly fine, but sometimes I hit the jump button and nothing happens as if the game is trying to finish an animation but nothing is happening. But let’s get away from all the bad and look at the good. This game all in all is extremely well made. The level design for example is perfect in every way. You are hit with new challenges that may confuse you at first, but there is always another way around it. There are 300 levels to play, plus 4 warp zones in every world. There are also 20 bandages that you can collect in every world. The bandages most of the time are pretty easy to get to, but extremely hard to get out of its area alive. The warp zones are essentially black holes on a timer. When you start a normal level, you can sometimes see a purple swirl somewhere on the level and you only have a short amount of time to get to it. If you do reach it in time you will be warped in to a classic game world redesigned to work with super meat boy, such as Mario, Castlevania, or a Gameboy game. There are three levels in each warp zone and you get three lives per level. The warp zones are usually challenging at later levels in the game and become very frustrating. (Just ask Giantbomb’s Brad Shoemaker haha). And, sometimes in the warps zones you have the chance to play as characters from other video games, such as Commander Video.

            Sadly this game has no multiplayer mode. But that does not matter. This game is great to play with friends or (some) family. It is extremely fun to take turns every life or two. Plus it’s very fun to make fun of a buddy when he/she get close to the end of a level and fails miserably. I even got my Mom who only plays Facebook games occasionally to play. She loved it. I think it was the story that brought her in more. Even though is no dialogue in the game you know what is going on. Meat Boy is on a quest to save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, who was captured by Doctor Fetus (which, in Mr. Fetus’ defense is a great name). Also there are many cut scenes that portray the story with great detail even without words, and they are hilarious.

Closing Comments

            Super Meat Boy is an extremely difficult game. Make the slightest mistake and you'll have to restart the stage over from the beginning because there are no checkpoints. But, if you can control the extreme amount of rage that will be bestowed upon you, this game will be great for a long time to come. This game is one of, if not the best platformer to come out in the last ten years; sorry Mario, you can’t be on top forever. So once again, grab a drink and some food, bring some friends over, and feel the rage.

Final Score: 9.5/10    

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