SMNC Friday Night Five Mans

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Steam group here:

It's that time again! Time to all get on Mumble, curse at each other and scare the crap out of newbies.

We'll be gathering in a channel this Friday 8/10, and figuring out how to pick teams to balance them out. I want to not have the same 2 people on a team 2 games in a row. I'd like to pull people from the chat rooms in after each game to help introduce new players, and then kill them.

I'd really like to start off early with a couple fun "all one character" custom matches to screw around with, like all vet matches and just yank each other around the map. What do you think about that?

I will be randomly choosing people to give items to during the night, too. If you would like to donate items to give away, please post what they are in the board, and either trade them to me or wait until Friday and I'll hook you up with the winners. I'm new to all this so it'll be

Start time around 3 PM PST/5 PM EST (10 PM for Yurpeens), going until QUESTION MARK?!?!

Mumble info:
port 36063

Mumble info

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