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Angry Albino Refrigerator? Why not. 0

 Scribblenauts was a bit of a letdown for me, because I thought the game was totally fun and interesting when it worked, but that was only about 5% of the time.  Super Scribblenauts promised to improve on that, and give me an experience that was like that good 5% of Scribblenauts through the whole game, plus more.  In many ways, this is exactly what happened, because the things that were most frustrating about the original are no longer issues, and the addition of adjectives into the game make i...

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Review: Super Scribblenauts 0

The original Scribblenauts, released in 2009, was highly anticipated for the originality of its mechanics. In concept, it was the puzzle game all puzzle games had wanted to be. When done right, a puzzle game rises above solutions like mix item A with item B to get passed obstacle C, but presents problems which the player can approach from many angles. This was the genius of Scribblenauts in concept: the item used to solve a puzzle was limited only by the player’s imagination.But developer Level-...

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Super Scribblenauts Review 0

The Scribblenauts franchise is back again, once again on the DS, and this time around allowing you to not only harness a ton of nouns to help you solve puzzles, but utilize adjectives as well, to enhance your experience. Once again there isn't a continuous story to speak of but there are plenty of levels that will have you gaming for quite some time to come. Graphically you're going to see the same mute color palette and slightly cartoony 2D graphics that you saw in the first game. There's going...

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Fantastic. 0

If you have a creative bone at all in your body or love puzzle games you should be playing super scribblenauts. It's a fantastic game. Some might say the art style is kiddie and then, assume, the game is also kiddie. Not the case, this game is made for everyone. Sure kids will have a blast with it but I'd like to see them try and get gold crowns on each of the levels. This game is just plain fun. It's probably the most fun I've had with a game this christmas (other games I got include Civilizati...

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"Super" worked for Mario... does it work for Maxwell? 0

Another very interesting game came out this holiday season. 5th Cell, the Warner Brothers' studio that makes very innovative games on the Nintendo DS, such as Drawn to Life, comes out with their sequel to last year's game, Scribblenauts, in the original title Super Scribblenauts (hey,  Maxwell is back, with the newest edition of Webster's Dictionary! at least it isn't Scribblenauts 2). If you read that paragraph at all, sequel to last year's game should have jumped out at you... Ho...

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Better than the original 2

Adjectives,  to think that only by adding these, Scribblenauts will become ten times more awesome. I recieved the game into my welcoming hands and since I started playing, I may honestly say, I couldn't stop at will.  But let's start from the beggining. Scribblenauts is a puzzle platformer in which your goal is to go through several missions by using whatever item comes to your mind, earning starites (sounds pretty much like mario?) ands ollars, which is, you guessed it, currency, we'll get to w...

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