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While intended to be a true 16-bit successor to the PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16, the SuperGrafx was released earlier than the industry expected. This was belied by the final spec upgrades from the TG-16: more RAM and a few video-specific chipset changes. The end result was a system that was closer in power to the Mega Drive / Genesis, but not the leap forward that had been anticipated.

Games were very expensive, some costing over $ 100 at launch. Only 7 games were released for the system, The 2 Darius games were playable on the PC-Engine, so only 5 games were exclusive. Ports of Strider and Galaxy Force 2 were in development but were never released due the system selling poorly.


  • 1 8-bit CPU
  • 3 16-bit graphics chips, with a separate controller chip
  • Maximum resolution of 565x242
  • HuCard slot (backwards compatible with all PCE / TG-16 HuCards)
  • Compatible with the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM

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