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Superman 64 is an insult to mankind much less to gaming itself 0

Superman 64 is probably the worst game ever created. There is no positive aspect about this game. It seemed as though the company, Titus, decided to take all the best aspects about the Superman comic books and movies and disregard them, except choosing to follow the show, Superman: The Animated Series, adding along a 3 enemies and 2 bosses. The story of Superman 64 is very simple. Lex Luthor, the main villain in the Superman comics, has decided to kidnap Superman's friends and take them through...

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Wish i could give it negative 0 stars 0

Superman 64, Oh boy... Let's dive into the history before the review. The HistoryDevelopment of the game was largely hampered by constraints from DC Comics and Warner Bros., resulting in it being unfinished and of a poor quality. BlueSky Software attempted to re-do the game for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, but due to Titus' expiration of the Warner Bros. license by the time it was completed, it was cancelled. So the game was crap. So now that you know, LET'S START THE REVIEW! The GraphicsJe...

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There's no time to waste! *throws Superman 64 in garbage bin* 0

Superman 64...a disgrace to the Nintendo 64. Basically, a disgrace of the Man of Steel, who doesn't seem so super anymore because of all those released garbage games starring him. Actually, not all of them are bad, with the first ever Superman game being also the greatest, but Superman games are pretty much garbage. This game though is not only the worst Superman game ever released, but one of the worst damn games ever known to mankind! I am not kidding! If you own a N64, for Gods' sake don't do...

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Worst game ever made. 0

This game is qualifed bullshit.   You start with flying through some rings,and then you think ok,ehhh....thats co....ol.And then after the rings you're gonna pick up 2 cars before they hit the innoncent people.Then more rings!Than cars,then rings!ITS REALLY BAD!And when you crash into something you wont die and you really often get stuck.The graphics is really bad.And you have to go through ALL,then i mean ALL the rings.  Thats all,the game is just really,really bad....

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