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SVs are highly customizable mechs inhabited by a pilot and an onboard A.I. called a chip. They can be kitted out with a variety of ranged and melee weapons in order to make them effective at their sport of Rumbling. All SVs also harbor the ability to jump via the aid of a small rocket boost and to cloak for different lengths of time depending on the users choice of parts.


During the game the player will encounter 3 different manufacturers of SV, these are:

Kojima Industries

A Kojima Industries SV
A Kojima Industries SV

Kojima Industries is a Japanese based company that specializes in the production of  the lightweight Photon SV. While very agile these SVs suffer from a lack of hit points making them fast but fragile targets. Kojima Industries is named after the lead designer of the game; Ichiro Kojima.


Ventuno Gruppo

A Holy Mk4 SV
A Holy Mk4 SV
The Ventuno Gruppo are an Italian company that produces the middleweight class of SV; the Holy Mk4.  These SVs are good all rounders having both strong offensive and defensive capabilities. During the game the player is informed that the Ventuno Gruppo were also the first to begin producing SVs for Rumbling.

American Stars

Aeron class SV
Aeron class SV
The aptly named American company; American Stars is responsible for creating the heavyweight SVs known as the Aeron. While slow, these SVs pack a lot of power due to the fact their heavy build allows them to carry more weapons. They also have many more hit points than the other 2  varieties of SV.

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