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    Swan Song

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 29, 2005

    Swan Song is a Japanese visual novel that tells the story of several survivors of an earthquake in Japan that cuts them off from the rest of the world. It was released for the PC in 2005.

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    Swan Song is a visual novel which takes place in Japan right before a cataclysmic earthquake which devastates the land. To make matters worse, it is Christmas Eve and the country is enveloped in a furious snowstorm. The story is narrated from the perspective of various characters but it is mainly seen through the eyes of Tsukasa (who is arguably the main protagonist). As time moves on the characters encounter a number of issues post-disaster such as religion, social breakdown, law and order and the everyday human wants and needs.


    As with most visual novels, Swan Song has very little gameplay mechanics to it as it mainly serves as a narrative. Typical to the genre, there are multiple endings at specific points in the branching storyline whereupon the reader is tasked to choose an answer to a question or situation. Selecting the correct answers leads to a good ending whereas wrong answers lead to bad endings (often with a death of some sorts).

    Acts of sex and violence can be seen throughout the story. Thus it is recommended for adults only.


    Tsukasa Amako - Arguably the main protagonist. He is a young college student who lived alone in his apartment prior to the earthquake. His comes off as a little cold and emotionless towards others but has good intentions behind his actions. He has a strong love for classical music and enjoys playing the piano. But due to an accident in his childhood his hands are somewhat crippled.

    Shin Tanomura - A young man who is about the same age as Tsukasa. Despite the disastrous events that take place around them, Tanomura still manages to uphold his cheery and jovial attitude throughout the story. His warm and friendly manner makes him a figure of popularity and morale for everyone. He owned a kendo dojo which his family is famous for and thus he is skilled in the arts of kendo.

    Takuma Kuwagata - Another college student. Takuma is an otaku who immerses himself in anime, manga and video games. He has poor social skills and a low self-esteem which makes it difficult for him to converse with other characters, especially women whom he has very little experience with. He holds a strong sense of justice, even more so considering the dire circumstances he is thrown into.

    Yuka Sasaki - A young lady who is also a college student. She is considered very attractive (becoming an object of Takuma's infatuation) and is considerate of other people. She also enjoys classical music and like Tsukasa (who she develops feelings for), she played the piano when she was a child. Her cooking skills are considered the best in the group.

    Hibari Kawase - A teenage girl who appears to be a little younger then the rest of the group. Hibari is short in both height and temper especially in response to Tanomura's cheery remarks. While she is probably the grouchiest of all the characters she holds her friendships in high regard as her relationship with Yuka and Aroe shows. Despite the food shortages, snacks are still an important part of her diet.

    Aroe Yasaka - An autistic girl who Tsukasa takes under his wing on the request of Aroe's dying sister. Her mental disability makes her difficult to communicate with and look after given the specific order and personal preferences of her actions, such as drinking coffee at a specific time using a specific mug and so fourth. Hung around her neck is her special notebook full of pictures and words which she uses in the event that she wants something in particular. Interestingly enough the freezing temperatures that bite at everyone seem non-existant to her.



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