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Jibolba summons someone and tells that person that the Pupanunu Tribe are hosting the Great Juju Challenge which happens every 60 years. Jibolba wanted to see if Tak and Lok would come back. In Feathercrag, Tak and Lok are looking for a Phoenix to grab a feather to go to the Juju Challenge. Two unknown men took the feather. Tak and Lok are summoned by the Moon Juju to introduce the teams: Team Grammazon, Team Jibba Jabba, Team Black Mist (The two unknown men) and Team Pupanunu (Tak & Lok). After the first 3 challenges, the Black Mist had been eliminated. The Black Mist came back at the Shaman Snack Shack when they messed up the scores at the Two-Headed Juju. After 3 more challenges and a proving ground match, Flora and Fauna found Grammazon teeth on the Salt Lick of Performance Enchancement which eliminated the Grammazons. Before the next match, Tak and Lok see Black Mist talking to an unknown Juju to find Moon Juju. After the next 3 matches and a proving ground match, Jibba Jabba got eliminated. Team Black Mist wanted to burn the Pupanunu village and "Crug" talked with Moon Juju and reminded her of someone else. At the Gates of Nocturne, Tak and Lok found Crug and revealed they cheated with Dark Juju. At Caster's Hill, Crug wasn't there. At Ambush Grove, they found Crug on the floor who defeated an invisible lizard and gave Lok the Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju. At the final proving grounds, Dark Juju reveals himself and announces his love to Moon Juju. After three rounds, Team Pupanunu won. They returned to the Shaman Snack Shack but nobody was there to begin a party except Jibolba. So they did a high-five.


  • Tak: The warrior of the Pupanunu people's prophecy and savior of the Dream World.
  • Lok: Tak's companion for the Great Juju Challenge.
  • Jibolba: He participated in the Juju Challenge 60 years ago with Tlaloc.
  • Dark Juju: A juju who cheated for the Black Mist 60 years ago.
  • Crug: Shaman of the Black Mist Tribe.
  • Bartog: Member of the Black Mist Tribe.
  • Tlaloc: He participated in the Juju Challenge 60 years ago with Jibolba.


  • Moon Juju: The icon of the Juju Challenge who grants a blessing to the winning tribe.
  • Flora: Daughter of Moon Juju.
  • Fauna: A rowdy daughter of Moon Juju.
  • Dead Juju: An undead juju that likes to party.
  • Caged Juju: A demon sealed in a cage for 10,000 years.
  • Two-Headed Juju: A two-headed juju who counts the scores for the Great Juju Challenge.
  • Dinky Juju: A short-tempered baby juju.
  • Belly Juju: A juju who can talk with his belly.
  • Mind-Reader Juju: A juju who can read minds.
  • Giant Misunderstanding Juju: A juju who cannot hear well from far away.
  • Handy Juju: A juju who made amazing inventions.
  • Host Juju: A voice that helps the teams and announces the scores.


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