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Tak and the Power of Juju

There is a prophecy that speaks of a Legendary Warrior, and it says that he would restore the Moon Juju, defeat Tlaloc and bring peace to the Pupanunu people. Tak and Lok are both apprentices of Jibolba, Tak being the younger of the two, but after Lok is turned into a sheep, it's Tak's turn to take the quest of restoring his friend to his human form. Tak's mentor Jibolba sends him off to find the Spirit Rattle, which will channel the Juju spirits to assist Tak on his journey. Tak was guided by Flora, a daughter of the Moon Juju. He was also tasked to find 9 Magical Nubu Plants When Tak returns with the Spirit Rattle and Plants, he learns that Lok has been killed by a herd of sheep, and that he must now find some way to resurrect him. Unfortunately, Tak unintentionally resurrected Lok's squire, Tobar. He must do this by collecting 100 Yorbels and Lok's spirit from the spirit world. Once Lok is revived he's plagued with diarrhea or resurrection's revenge, and Tak is sent off to recover the 3 Moon Stones while Lok recovers from his ailment. It's these Moon Stones that will restore the Moon Juju to full strength. After collecting all 3 of the Moon Stones, the Moon Juju is finally restored to her former strength and it is revealed that Lok isn't the warrior from the prophecy as was originally thought. It turns out that Tak fits the profile better since he has restored the Moon Juju. Now that he's outfitted with an arsenal of Juju spells that he collected along his journey, all that remains is for him to defeat Tlaloc. He does this by turning the villain into a sheep, naturally. Tlaloc is now defeated and the rams like him.

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams

Tak had been asleep for 16 days since his last adventure. He had a dream when the Dream Juju told him to defeat the Dream Guardian, take the Staff of Dreams and rescue the princess. Tak was later guided to a rift. He was woken up by Lok's smelly BO. Jibolba tasked Tak to find his brother JB and he transformed into a flea. Lok wanted to come too. Tak and Jibolba reached a dead end and summoned the Belly Juju for making a raft. But first, Belly Juju wanted a barrel of candy. Tak later used the barrel as a raft. At the rapids, Tak returned to the Dream World. Tak went into another rift. Tak let Lok provide a distraction to the Woodies. Tak summoned the Mind-Reader Juju who told him to find 3 magic stones as bolas. Tak was later knocked out and sent to the Dream World. Tak was sent to a rift and woke up in the Gloomleaf Arena. Caged Juju asked Tak what is in the box. Tak guessed many times until he thought there was nothing in the box. Inside the box was Lok. Tak took a key to battle 4 waves of woodies. He uses a catapult to escape. In the swamp, Tak saw Dead Juju being harrassed by woodies who took his tiki. Tak goes back to the arena and steals the Tiki back from the Woodie King. Dead Juju agrees to go with Tak, Jibolba and Lok. At the exterior of JB's Planetarium, Tak and his friends were sleeping due to the flowers. At the Dream World, Tak uses a catapult to break the Dream Guardian's tower. He went back to a rift and woke up. Tak and Jibolba left Lok and Dead Juju behind. At JB's planetarium, JB needed help with the Power Parasites. After the battle, JB helped Tak go to sleep but never heard of a Dream Juju. At the tower in the dream world, Tak defeated the Dream Guardian and rescued the princess. But the princess was actually Pins and Needles. The Dream Juju was also revealed to be Tlaloc (in his sheep form). Tlaloc used Tak to defeat the Dream Guardian so he can steal the Staff of Dreams. Tak and Pins and Needles struggled for the staff but it broke into two and they were sent into the real world. Needles used the Staff of Nightmares to create a rift. Tak was later knocked out. In his dream, he was met by the Moon Juju to pick one of four spirit animals. She was about to say the best one (which is jaguar), but lost connection. Tak picked an animal and woke up with new powers. Tak met the Giant Misunderstanding Juju to open a rift. The Juju thought he wanted to talk to Rick. Rick told Tak to ask him if he wants to talk to Rick. The Juju finally opened a rift. Tak told him goodbye but the Juju decided to sing a song. Moon Juju's daughters, Flora and Fauna gave Tak the power to transform into a bear, a squirrel, a boar and a frog. Tak chased Pins and Needles constantly until Tak went into the Dream Fortress. When Tak defeated Pins and Needles, Lok grabbed the Staff of Nightmares and unintentionally gave it to Tlaloc. Tak battles Tlaloc but both became Dream Guardians. After the battle Tak apologizes to the Dream Guardian and gives the full Staff of Dreams back. The Dream Guardian helps Tak return to reality. Dead Juju, Lok and Tak give Tlaloc the final blow. It has been revealed that the events are a dream. Tak slept for 16 days and told Jibolba and Lok about the story. Tlaloc's evil black sheep came running towards them. It has been implied that the events will happen.

Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

Jibolba summons someone and tells that person that the Pupanunu Tribe are hosting the Great Juju Challenge which happens every 60 years. Jibolba wanted to see if Tak and Lok would come back. In Feathercrag, Tak and Lok are looking for a Phoenix to grab a feather to go to the Juju Challenge. Two unknown men took the feather. Tak and Lok are summoned by the Moon Juju to introduce the teams: Team Grammazon, Team Jibba Jabba, Team Black Mist (The two unknown men) and Team Pupanunu (Tak & Lok). After the first 3 challenges, the Black Mist had been eliminated. The Black Mist came back at the Shaman Snack Shack when they messed up the scores at the Two-Headed Juju. After 3 more challenges and a proving ground match, Flora and Fauna found Grammazon teeth on the Salt Lick of Performance Enchancement which eliminated the Grammazons. Before the next match, Tak and Lok see Black Mist talking to an unknown Juju to find Moon Juju. After the next 3 matches and a proving ground match, Jibba Jabba got eliminated. Team Black Mist wanted to burn the Pupanunu village and "Crug" talked with Moon Juju and reminded her of someone else. At the Gates of Nocturne, Tak and Lok found Crug and revealed they cheated with Dark Juju. At Caster's Hill, Crug wasn't there. At Ambush Grove, they found Crug on the floor who defeated an invisible lizard and gave Lok the Ancient Hammer of Handy Juju. At the final proving grounds, Dark Juju reveals himself and announces his love to Moon Juju. After three rounds, Team Pupanunu won. They returned to the Shaman Snack Shack but nobody was there to begin a party except Jibolba. So they did a high-five.

Tak: Mojo Mistake

Tak and the Guardians of Gross


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