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Miike's first works were several direct to video feature films, but he got his breakthrough in 1995 with the release of the gangster movie Shinjuku Triad Society His early career projects were about the Yakuza; Japanese gangster films, portraying with meticulous detail of the Yakuza underworld and graphic violence. Miike became renowned for being . Miike is known for being a prolific filmmaker; working on multiple productions in a single year, from television projects (MPD Psycho), direct to video releases (Full Metal Yakuza) to theatrical releases (Audition). He has also gone onto direct different genres of films from horror to family and childrens films.

According to an interview with the BBC, when asked about the extreme violence and experiences in his movies, he says that he has had a complex about violence since he was a child, and has never been able to hit anyone who was horrible to him. He believes this comes out in his movies.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

NMH creator Suda 51 has admitted that he is quite the fan of Miike, and that the extreme violence and dark humor of his movies has been an inspiration for the NMH games. When working on the Desparate Struggle, Suda contacted Miike and asked to use his likeness and voice in the game. Miike agreed, and he appears during a cutscene by the tombstone of the late Bishop, and introduces himself as a friend of Bishops.

During the cutscene, Miike mentions that he and Bishop were friends even though they did not speak the same language, this would in fact be true, as he does not actually speak English.

Ace Attorney (Film)

In 2012, Miike went onto direct a film adaptation of Shu Takumi's successful video game series Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


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