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    A ranger of Gondor who died at the hands of Sauron and was reborn with the powers of a Wraith.

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    Talion is the principle character in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. He was a ranger of Gondor and a guardian of the Black Gates. When Sauron returns to Mordor after he is forced out of Dol Gudur by the White Council, he is killed along with his family by The Black Hand, a Captain of Sauron. As a result of the curse cast upon him during his execution he is "banished from death" and finds himself imbued with an undying spirit who aids him in his quest for vengeance, a Wraith.


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    Talion is descended from the Northmen in Rhovanion but grew up in the city of Minas Tirith in Gondor. He was forced into exile after killing a nobleman who attacked his wife, Ioreth.

    Ioreth convinced her father to help them escape the city, swearing she would confess to the crime herself if he did not help. As a result, he hid them in Mordor where he had taken up a high ranking role in the Rangers watching over The Black Gate.

    In Mordor, Ioreth and Talion had a son named Dirhael, who had hoped to pledge himself to the Rangers before the return of Sauron and his Black Captains. During the attack, the heavily outnumbered Rangers were wiped out. Talion was forced to watch his beloved wife and son die in front of him before The Black Hand cut his throat.

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    In death, Talion has found no rest. He is "banished from death" and finds himself bound to the fate of a mysterious Wraith who is seeking his own identity. The wraith combines his strength with Talion's martial prowess and their combined strength strikes fear into the Orcish ranks. The Uruks of Mordor now call him "The Gravewalker", a shadow who stalks the land seeking Orc blood.

    The Wraith is eventually revealed as Celebrimbor, legendary Elven smith of Eregion, the being responsible for forging The Rings of Power. The pair now strike out into Mordor seeking vengeance against The Black Hand and a way to slow down the return of Sauron to his full strength.


    • He is voiced by Troy Baker.
    • Talion's name has its roots in Latin, from the term lex talionis, and means "an eye for an eye".
    • Acharn (Talion's dagger) is actually his son's shattered sword, which he carries with him as a reminder.

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