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Ocarina of Time

Link first encounters Talon outside Hyrule Castle, asleep on duty while he was delivering Lon Lon Milk. Woken up by a cucco, he realizes that his daughter Malon was extremely worried and rushes back home to Lon Lon Ranch. At the ranch, he hosts the Super Cucco-Finding Game.

When Link becomes an adult, Talon has been kicked out of the ranch after Ganondorf gives it to former ranch worker, Ingo. Talon will temporarily reside in Kakariko Village, funnily enough being asleep however he can be woken with the Pocket Cucco. After Link beats Ingo in a horse race, Talon takes back control of Lon Lon Ranch and gives Ingo his old job back.

Oracle of Seasons

In Oracle of Seasons, Talon is a cucco breeder along with Malon. Once again however, he falls asleep on Mt. Cucco. He can be waken up by the megaphone as a reward will give Link a mushroom as part of the trading quest.

Four Swords Adventures

Talon only makes a brief appearance here. When Link rescues Malon and takes her back to the ranch, Talon allows Link to use the horses.

The Minish Cap

Once again, only a small role. Talon loses the key to his and Malon's house and Link retrieves the spare key for them.


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