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    A kingdom that exists in several Fire Emblem games. The Pegasus Knight Princess Caeda hails from this kingdom.

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    Talys is an island kingdom off the coast of Archanea in Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi and its remakes Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. As the story begins in each game, Prince Marth of Altea flees his homeland when it is invaded and finds sanctuary in Talys. He and remnants of the Altean army remain in Talys for several years as he grows up.

    In the first mission of all three games, Princess Caeda of Talys asks Marth for aid in fending off a pirate attack. After leading his men to victory, Marth decides that it's time to return to the mainland, begin the fight to liberate Altea, and rescue his sister, Elice.


    After the hero Anri, had defeated the Shadow Dragon Medeus, many of the nations on Archanea began developing at rapid rates. While Aurelis and Altea were being founded, the tribes on the eastern island of Talys were not unifying under one banner. Generations of bad blood between the different clans had led to an unprecedented division among the people.

    Years after the hero Anri passed away, General Lorenz of Grust traveled to Talys, and met a young Chief Mostyn. The two became firm friends, and formulated a plan to unify all the clans of Talys under one kingdom. Together, Lorenz and Mostyn battled the other clans, and eventually peace was made in Talys, with Mostyn becoming king of a unified Talys.

    A few years later, Talys became the most the important kingdom in Archanea, when King Mostyn allowed the orphaned Prince Marth to live there in secrecy. For two years Talys had harbored Prince Marth, and only when the pirates of Galder attacked, did news break of Marth's whereabouts.



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    The first king of Talys, when he was a young man he befriended General Lorenz of Grust. Together, the two men raised an army and united all the tribes of Talys into one unified kingdom. Mostyn built a large castle in the west, and ruled the nation as its first ever king. Years later, Mostyn worked with the Altean tactician Malledus to hide Prince Marth from the Dolhr army. After the War of Shadows ended and Princess Caeda had left for Altea, one of the tribes sensed weakness and launched a rebellion against Mostyn. Despite hiring great mercenaries like Navarre and Dice, the rebellion was crushed by Caeda and her protector Ogma.


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    The princess of Talys, and daughter of King Mostyn. When she was a child, she and her father traveled to Archanea where they watched the gladiator fights and they saw the fighter Ogma. After witnessing Ogma freeing the other gladiators, Caeda begged her father to save him from harm, and thus she was given control over the mercenary. When the War of Shadows broke out, Caeda convinced the people of Talys to allow Prince Marth to stay in hiding. When the pirates of Galder attacked Talys, she joined forces with Marth and drove them away, afterwards she accompanied him on his journey to fight Medeus. In the War of Heroes, she joins with Marth after the Archanea army attacks Altea Castle. After the war, she marries Marth and becomes Queen of Archanea.


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    A mercenary originally hailing from Pyrathi, his father was a minor noble from Archanea who was executed during a period of political strife in Archanea. His mother was a beautiful woman from Grust, who died trying to raise Ogma alone in the xenophobic kingdom of Pyrathi. Some time later, Ogma became a gladiator in the Knorda markets, where he befriended Samto, another gladiator. Ogma arranged for his companions to be freed from a life of slavery, but was caught in the process. Princess Caeda recognized the kindness in Ogma, and begged her father to buy his freedom. Ogma decided to repay his savior by becoming the captain of the Talys mercenaries and acted as Caeda's guard during the War of Shadows. During the War of Heroes he briefly worked for General Lorenz, and became the protector of the heirs of the Grust throne. After the final battle with Medeus, Ogma left without a trace.


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    A member of the Talys mercenaries, he joined Prince Marth with Ogma after the Galder Pirates attacked Talys. A mild-mannered man, he fought with Marth all the way until the showdown with Medeus, never forgetting his obligations to the people. After the war he briefly enlisted to be a member of the Archanean army, but soon left to find more adventure. During the War of Heroes, Barst appears in Grust when Marth launches his attack against General Lang.


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    A member of the Talys mercenaries, he joined Prince Marth with Ogma after the Galder Pirates attacked Talys. Known for being a skilled woodsman, he used his mighty axe to help Marth all the way to the final battle with Medeus. After the war, he returned to Talys and became a woodcutter, known for making high quality goods. During the War of Heroes, he joined with the Altean army when they launched their attack against General Ryucke's coup d'etat in Macedon.


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    A member of the Talys mercenaries, he joined Prince Marth with Ogma after the Galder Pirates attacked Talys. A man known for his speedy work, he used his speed in battle to help clear out many enemies on the path to Medeus. After the war ended, Cord returned to Talys and became a woodcutter with Bord, and became famous for his quick service. During the War of Heroes, Cord joined with Altean army when they engaged in battle with Captain Lumel in Macedon.


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    An old curate from the western village on Talys. When the pirates of Galder attacked Talys, Wrys gave Marth his support, as the Alteans had no magic users in their army. After the battle, Wrys accompanied Marth on his journey to fight Medeus, joining him all the way to the final showdown with the dragon of darkness. After the war, Wrys opened a monastery on Talys, and took in many orphans. Prior to the War of Heroes, Wrys briefly traveled to Altea, where he help the Hero of Shadow in his training for knighthood. Once the war started, he joined with Marth when Kleine of the assassins league tried to ambush him in Macedon.


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    A young villager from Talys, he left home to earn money for his seven brothers and sisters, plus his ill mother. At the start of the War of Shadows, he appeared in Archanea where he helped Rickard, Lena, and Navarre break into the palace to find treasure. After their mission failed, he joined the pirates of Galder, and helped them control the coast until Princess Caeda recruited him into the Altean army. After the war, he returned home with the medicine his mother needed and lived a normal life for some time. Later, Castor experienced a traumatic event which caused him to leave home again to find money. In the War of Heroes, Castor joined with Marth in Grust when the local pirates were attacking the royal twins of Grust. After the war he briefly joined the Archanean Free Knights, then returned home with all his savings.

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    The three "Champions of Yore" DLC battles in Fire Emblem: Awakening are based on the Talys map that serves as the setting of the first battle in the original Fire Emblem. The first DLC map positions the units as the ally and enemy units are positioned in Fire Emblem. The second map starts with the player's units divided on the east and west ends of the map, surrounding the enemy units. The third map reverses these positions, and the player's units are the ones surrounded.


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