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Tesla vs Lovecraft is a dual-joystick shooter from the makers of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. It imagines a world where H.P. Lovecraft gets angry at Nikola Tesla, forcing Tesla to fight off hordes of Lovecraft's horrors.

The gameplay loop consists gunning down the endless horde of Lovecraftian Horrors, leveling up and collecting the Tesla-Mech pieces.

To activate the powerful Tesla-Mech, the player needs to collect six pieces placed throughout the map. Upon leveling up, the player will be given the choice of selecting between two random perks.


Below is a breakdown of the three difficulty levels.

1 Aether Crystal per Leve
No Elite monsters

3 Aether Crystals per Level
+100% Quest Rewards
+120% Monster Damage
+20% Monster Health

6 Aether Crystals per Level
+400% Quest Rewards
+240% Monster Damage
+40% Monster Health


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