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A little bit of tribute goes a long way

This article was originally posted on BnBGamingon February 19th, 2011.

Texting of the Bread is the first game from ScrewAttack Games and is a tribute to the Dreamcast classic Typing of the Dead, but instead of shooting zombies you're using a super-powered milk cannon to take on hordes of gingerbread men.

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The Good

The game works really well, the typing is fast and responsive, the enemies come at a fast but not unrealistic pace, and the whole experience is fun as long as you can keep up. The simple gameplay makes it perfect for the mobile platform and it takes you just a few minutes to finish off a wave of the unbread, with your milk-gun or with the use of a screen-wiping super move. There are varying enemy types for those who want a little more depth, but as a minor distraction on the bus you can't do much better.

The Bad

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Its greatest strength may also be its greatest weakness as the game isn't really filled to the brim with content. There are two players to choose from (featuring the always-popular AVGN), each with his/her own background and that's pretty much it. There are remnants of a story to be found in the arcade mode, but nothing beyond an excuse to explain why there are gingerbread men wandering the streets.

The Final Verdict

Texting of the Bread does what it claims to do, allowing you to blast away at gingerbread men with your milk gun, but pretty much nothing beyond that. There is no real depth to the gameplay, but for a mobile game it's not really necessary. The graphics look good, it plays well and is entertaining for just as long as you need it to be.

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