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Note the words that must be typed to destroy the zombie
Note the words that must be typed to destroy the zombie

Typing of the Dead is a remake of the classic zombie shoot-em up House of The Dead 2. It is an on rails shooter, however the gun has been replaced with a keyboard. The player must type words that appear on the screen instead of shooting zombies. A bullet is fired when the correct letter is punched in. The faster the player types the faster the zombie will be eliminated. At times multiple zombies may attack at once which requires quick typing skills in order to survive. The words and phrases that must be typed get increasingly difficult as the player progresses through the game.


The plot of the game is pretty much the same as House of the Dead 2. The story features a zombie out break and elite AMS Agents sent to stop it at the source. The only real difference is that the characters have keyboards strapped to them instead of holding guns. James and Gary are the two playable characters in this game. While working through the game the player must complete specific challenges such as rescuing outbreak survivors before they are killed. Doing so will change the path the player takes throughout the course of the level. Typing of the Dead also features boss battles which will have complex phrases that must be typed or questions that must be correctly answered in order to inflict damage to the boss characters.


Original Japanese Arcade Cabinet
Original Japanese Arcade Cabinet

The game was first released in the Japanese arcades and was later ported to the PC and Dreamcast. It was also re-released in Japan in 2004 on the Sony Playstation 2 as Typing of the Dead: Zombie Panic.

On May 9th, 2012, a port of the title named Flick of the Dead was released for iOS devices in Japan for free.

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