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    The House of the Dead 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released November 1998

    2 years after the Curien Mansion incident, strange activity has been coming from the city of Venice. The AMS has sent several agents to investigate the strange disappearance of locals there, but are you prepared for what lies ahead of you as one of them?

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    Boss battles range from chainsaw wielding giants to mutated snakes.
    Boss battles range from chainsaw wielding giants to mutated snakes.

    The House of the Dead 2 takes place in a city resembling Venice, Italy in the year 2000, about two years after the events of the first game. It features 2 players: Player 1 plays as James Taylor and Player 2 plays as Gary Stewart. The game is an on rails shooter that features 6 chapters each with a unique boss at the end of the stage, all of which are named after tarot cards. Average play time is around 30-45 minutes. There are several costumes and game modes to be unlocked after completion.


    Suffer like G did?
    Suffer like G did?

    The House of the Dead 2 follows two AMS agents named James and Gary. These agents have received a call from G and decide to meet him within the city. Upon their arrival, they encounter the Stage 1 boss who taunts them by stating that G was only the beginning. The agents move forward and run into G who has been beaten up badly but is still alive. G hands the agents the notes he took on the weakpoints of the game's bosses. He then tells them to hurry and find Amy and Harry. Amy and Harry are other AMS agents that have come to back them up. Traveling through the city the agents come across many civilians who are in danger. These civilians act as the game's hostage system. The main goal is to find Goldman who has taken Curien's research and used it to further advance the spread of the zombie apocalypse.


    At the time of release in Arcade and on the Dreamcast, The House of the Dead 2 was accepted by most critics. Many praised the graphics, which were amazing at release, but criticized (or praised sarcastically) the abysmal voice acting in game, as well the the short length the game presented. Originally released on the Dreamcast and in arcades, it was later ported to the PC and Xbox, as well as on the Wii along with House of the Dead III.

    Typing of the Dead

    A spin-off title made a year later, Typing of the Dead is a version of HotD 2 where the light-gun shooting mechanic has been replaced by typing words in order to kill zombies.

    System requirements (PC)


    • Windows 95/98/Me
    • Pentium II 233MHz or higher
    • 32MB RAM or higher
    • 600MB hard drive space
    • 2X CD-ROM
    • DirectX 8 or higher
    • Compatible Direct 3D video RAM 8MB video card
    • Direct Sound compatible sound card
    • Mouse
    • Keyboard


    • Pentium II 450MHz or higher
    • 64MB RAM or higher
    • 24X CD-ROM drive
    • DirectX 8 or higher

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