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The main series all have common elements of a pair of agents teaming up to take on hordes of biologically engineered undead. The games are divided into chapters, each of which culminates in a boss battle against usually massive, terrifying creatures. With the notable exception of one game, the bosses in the games are all named after the Major Arcana of occult tarot . The games are all controlled with a light gun in the arcades, but can be played with controllers or a mouse on consoles or the computer.

Every game in the main series is an on-rails light-gun style shooter, while the spin-offs ranges from pinball to beat 'em up.

Playable Characters

The following is a table of all the playable characters in The House of The Dead series. Their roles are indicated by P1 (player 1) and P2 (player 2).

Character NameThe House of The Dead (1997)The House of The Dead 2 (1998)The Typing of The Dead (1999)The House of The Dead III (2002)The House of The Dead 4 (2005)The House of The Dead: Overkill (2009)The Typing of The Dead: Overkill (2013)
Thomas RoganP1
Agent GP2 P2 P1P1
James Taylor P1 P1 P1
Gary Stewart P2P2
Lisa Rogan P1
Kate Green P2
Isaac Washington P2P2
Varla Guns P1
Candi Stryper P2

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