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    Anaglyph 3D

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    Anaglyph 3D is a form of stereoscopic 3D that uses filters (usually opposing colors) to display images to each eye separately.

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    For home use there are several types of anaglyph 3D glasses available, each of which performs the function of delivering a separate picture to each eye:

    • Color separation - these work by sending each eye a portion (spectrally) of the light coming from your screen, they are cheap to make and require no special screen.
    • Polarization based - these can be linear or circular polarized, in each case some of the pixels on the screen emit light that is polarized in 'opposite' ways, the glasses pass through only the matching polarization. You need a screen that supports this polarization, these are usually in an interleaved alternating line arrangement - they can look aliased if the images are not correctly filtered to account for the missing lines.
    • Temporal shutters - these glasses are active and need a source of power, to switch on/off each eye in synchronization with the display of the appropriate frame. They give full resolution display to each eye typically at half the normal frame rate. They can cause issues with other forms of lighting in the environment e.g. florescent lights, that 'beat' due to the lights running at a different frequency.

    Within each type of technology there are several variations, but essentially they are much the same within a grouping.


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