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Candi Stryper is a playable character in The House of the Dead: OVERKLL Extended Cut for the PlayStation 3 console. The extended cut portion of the game adds two new scenarios that run concurrently with Detective Washington & Agent G's tale, told in the original game for the Wii. Candi is introduced and exclusively playable in these two scenarios.

Basic Info

Varla & Candi.
Varla & Candi.

Candi is a naive, young but sexy stripper at the Pink Pussycat Strip Club where Varla Guns works. Candi is the current boyfriend of Jasper Guns, and is convinced by Varla to join her on her quest to get revenge on Papa Caesar for mutating and killing Jasper at the beginning of the game.

Candi is very slow-witted and is all around an extremely ditsy character, playing up the blonde bimbo stereotype. A very naive and uneducated person, Candi is often the foil to the street-smart and sharp Varla, which makes for much of the humor in their rapport together. Candi is overall a sweet & good natured individual who showed remorse after hearing about Jasper's death. Though the details are not known about their relationship, Candi insists that she was in love with Jasper, to the point where she actively searched for his voicebox so that she could have a piece of him with her always. She also makes lewd references to a sexual act that she would perform for him & him only, much to Varla's disgust.

Candi on the
Candi on the "grind house" poster for the Naked Terror level.

Candi's main conceit is how her lack of knowledge gets her into awkward situations, especailly with Varla. A running joke in the game deals with Candi taking her mother's advice of "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing" in the literal sense, to where she replaces expletives with the word "nothing", as in the intro to "Creeping Flesh" where she insults Varla by saying "Oh nothing, you" (as opposed to "Oh fuck you" or another insult). Candi also makes extremely obvious observations or constantly asks Varla annoying questions about their plight, which annoys Varla to no end. For instance, when the characters step into a meat locker, she proclaims that the the horror of the situation has given her "chills", though obviously the freezing temperature were the cause of the chills. Candi, however, has shown a bit of self-awareness at one instance in the game; during the "Creeping Flesh" scenario, Candi asks why the doors open automatically every time the characters proceed to another room, poking fun at the on-rails style gameplay.

She consistently wears her stripper uniform, which consists of a very low-cut yellow shirt, tied off at the waist, outfitted with a button that says "Lick Me!", a short, red & white stripped skirt, and pantyhose. Her right leg has a brace on it for reasons not particularly defined in the game. She constantly wears her hair in pigtails, using bright red ribbons.

Creeping Flesh- the final scenario to include Candi Stryper as a character.
Creeping Flesh- the final scenario to include Candi Stryper as a character.

Candi meets her unfortunate demise at the end of the "Creeping Flesh" scenario. After defeating the mutant minotaur known as Meat Katie, Katie is thrust into a meat grinder and explodes into gobs of gore. Katie's butcher knife gets lodged in between pipes in the ceiling of the room, but eventually falls down and slices Candi's right arm clean off (to which Candi exclaims "Nothing! Nothing!). Candi sees Jasper in her dilapidated state and is excited to meet with him in heaven. She dies of blood loss shortly thereafter, as Varla continues on with the hunt for Papa Caesar.

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