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    The Divide

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    The Divide is a location mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas and it's DLCs Old World Blues, Dead Money & Honest Hearts. It finally appeared as the setting for the game's final DLC Lonesome Road.

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    History of the Divide

    Prior to the Great War the Divide was home to twin cities, Hopeville and Ashton as well as several missile bases commanded by General Martin Retslaf. The missiles in these bases were never fired during the Great War in 2077. Over 200 years later a community founded by couriers sprung up in the area. These founders included the protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas prior to the events of the main game. Eventually the New California Republic took over the area due to its proximity to the Mojave Wasteland. Caesar’s Legion would soon come into conflict with the NCR over control of the area.

    The Courier would return to the Divide in 2281 delivering a package on behalf of the NCR from Navarro. Unbeknownst to the Courier they were delivering an ICBM detonator which activated the nuclear missiles which still lay below the Divide. The missiles detonated causing massive earthquakes and destroying the landscape. Many civilians as well as NCR and legion troops were killed. Most survivor only lived on as the violent ghoulified marked men.

    This catastrophe gave the legion a moment of respite allowing them to recover from their defeat at the first battle of hoover dam. Ulysses inspired by the death wrought by the courier set a trap for the courier seeking to destroy the Mojave Wasteland as revenge. Ulysses set a trap for the courier sending a message to the Courier via ED-E inviting them to the Divide where they would have a final confrontation about the Courier’s past and the wasteland’s future. This confrontation is the focal point of the Lonesome Road DLC.


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