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    Mojave Desert

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    A desert located a couple of miles away from Las Vegas.

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    Portrayal in Fallout: New Vegas

    The Mojave desert is prominently portrayed in Fallout: New Vegas. Taking the place of the Capital Wasteland from Fallout 3, the desert sprawls for miles with its only oasis being Las Vegas (called New Vegas in the game). The desert houses many of the game's different factions and has the same tone and style as seen in other Fallout games. 
    The Mojave desert wasn't fully hit by nuclear missiles during the Great War. Only 9% of the missiles that were aimed towards the desert hit. The reason this happened is because of Mr. House. Mr. House is a computer program that sits at the top of the casino Lucky 38. It's extremely smart and knew, like the government, that nuclear war was imminent. House wished to keep the Las Vegas strip alive for his own personal gain so he decided to design a laser system that would destroy the missiles mid flight. Unfortunately, he activated the laser system a few seconds too late and glitches in the system allowed several nukes to hit. This resulted in the radiation of part of the Mojave Desert. 
    The Mojave desert is a barren wasteland. Most of the roads have been destroyed and carcases of cars are scattered throughout the land. The Mojave Desert, like the rest of the Fallout universe, is frozen in the 1950's. Billboards and pieces of cars make it feel like the player is exploring the desert in the 1950's. Many parts of the desert contain nuclear radiation but according to the NPCs in the game, a nuclear war has done nothing to cool the desert down, making some people wish for a nuclear winter. 
    Many settlements can be found in the desert. Most of them are composed of shacks or demolished buildings. The desert is also a source of energy with the solar power station Helios One and the Hoover Dam.

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