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    The Journeyman Project: Turbo!

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 19, 1994

    Agent 5 of the Temporal Security Agency travels back in time in this enhanced version of the original game.

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    Performance Upgrade

    This "Turbo" version was a performance upgrade that was advertised by publisher Sanctuary Woods as being up to 300% faster than the original 1992 release of The Journeyman Project. The gameplay is otherwise nearly identical to the original version. In 1997, Bandai Digital Entertainment released The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime, a more substantial remake that added seamless animated sequences in the style of the sequel The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time.


    In the twenty-fourth century, world peace is finally realized. However, the horrific nuclear war that had occurred prior has destroyed everything mankind has ever worked for. World in flame, humanity launches an airborne utopia known as Caldoria. Shorty thereafter, an alien race known as the Cyrollans invite mankind to join the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings, an intergalactic UN of sorts. In 2308, a Cyrollan ship passed over the city of Caldoria and relayed a message over all communication devices. The message stated that the Cyrollans felt that mankind was ready to join the Symbiotry and that they would allow ten years of deliberation of their proposal. Then, as quick as it came, the ship sped off into deep space.


    The player assumes the role of Agent 5 (later identified as Gage Blackwood in the sequels) of the Temporal Security Agency, a covert organization that was formed after the construction of the world's first successful time machine. The machine, called the Pegasus Device, was dismantled and moved to a secret location after the potential to do great damage to the flow of history presented itself. The TSA was formed to safeguard history and protect it from those who would wish to alter it. In the year 2318, the Cyrollans return to Caldoria to receive mankind's answer to their invitation. Elliot Sinclair, who was believed to be the first human to discover time travel, plotted an assassination of the Cyrollan delegate. He had hoped his attempt would sway the Cyrollans into thinking mankind wanted no part in the Symbiotry. He also sends three robots back in time to prevent the Cyrollans from even thinking to invite mankind in the first place.

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