Looking for players (multiplayer)

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Looking to get some people together to play some multiplayer, message Monopolized1 or simply add me if you want to play.

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I'll play with you

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The multiplayer for this game is weird. I still haven't really got my head around the survivor group thing. As I play I earn supplies, which gets me a bigger group, which unlocks me cool shit. Does that mean if I stop playing for a few days I'm going to lose those survivors and lose my cool shit? That seems pretty fucking insidious.

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I think you begin to lose things if you lose consistently or back out early.

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I'm getting the game tomorrow and after beating it in probably one sitting I'm more than happy to play some multiplayer with some duders.

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We've already got quite a gathering over here.

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@sweep: Nope :D Each day is every multiplayer game. so if you dont collect enough supplies or fail a objective in a match your survivors will get sick and eventually die.

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@sweep: Nah it's just how well you do; amount of scrap earned is the only thing that affects your survivor count other than the events that pop up. If you're vaguely competent at killing you'll cap out at 4kish rounds, if you're semi conscious and a support you can get anywhere from 5k-10k unless there's another support on your side (really unlikely). Had a game yesterday against a premade group that decimated our side; fortunately I outscored all of them by over 2000 scrap at the end, despite only having 1 kill and 3 executions.

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