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The Greatest Game Ever Made 2

Several events took place in 1992. George W. H. Bush threw up in Japan on TV, The Church of England votes to allow women to become priests, "The Simpsons" was beginning its fourth season and, of course, a little game called "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" was released. Little did I know I would play the game that I would, as many other do, consider the greatest game ever made. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a perfect representation of Zelda lore. The previous games in the s...

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Pig's head 1

While it’s easy to go back and review an old game that you never played or cared much for in the past, reviewing an old game that you grew up on presents a small challenge. My play experience differs from that of other due to having the innate knowledge of how to solve every single puzzle programmed into my cerebellum, and I’d be degrading a part of my childhood if I were to denigrate the game in question. Likewise, if I praise the game too much, then I could be accused of being nostalgic, and I...

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Uncle Longfellow's The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Review 0

Backstory: As I was growing up, my interest in video games truly began right around the time that my older brother received his Super Nintendo Entertainment System as a gift for Christmas one year. He had an NES prior to that, but the SNES replaced it shortly after I was born and it was the console that I grew up with. Most of my time spent with the SNES involved watching my dad or brother play games, but occasionally I was allowed to give them a try, and my favorite game for that system was al...

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If you're going to own 1 game.. make this the one. 0

ALTTP is simply one of the most masterful pieces of gaming software ever created. Anyone who plays games owes it to themselves to play through this at least once.  I've been through the game at least eight times.. and the storyline, pacing, level design, and scope of the game never get old.A timeless classic....

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Well to start off I did not buy this game on launch day, I've had 0

 Well just to start off, this is my favorite game of all time, I remember when I played it when I was just 7 years old and rented it and couldn't beat it in the 3 days I had to rent the game... So later on we finally bought it and I spent most of my childhood playing this game and beating it over and over again, I thought this game was perfect when I was 7 and today at 24 I still think it is. Most people say OoT is the best Zelda but IMO it is this game, cause the graphics actually hold up to, t...

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Still Magical, most newer games don't even touch it. 0

In a way, this is the purest Zelda ever created. Ocarina of Time, and every Zelda game since, was modeled after, and influenced by this game and its gameplay. I played through this game the day it was released back in the 90s. I was so impressed by it then. I didn't think I could relive that magic, but here it is, and it's still every bit as magical as it was back in day. The execution of how this game plays out, exploring, discovery, challenge, puzzles, is absolutely flawless. There is no oth...

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Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (WiiVC/SNES) 0

Should we review old games as artifacts or in the same light as their contemporary brethren? Even if a new title is released with decidedly retro stylings, does its position upon release matter more than any time in the future? The relevancy of art often fluctuates based on where a society or individual is in their lifespan at a given point in time. I wonder how people 10 years from now will view retro-styled games produced in 2010, 2011, or 2012. Will they be seen as artifacts the same way as g...

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5 Sentence Review For A Link To The Past. 0

The greatest adventure an adolescent gamer can take (or a gamer with an adolescent in his heart).The classic elements are here, a classic hero, a classic evil, a legendary sword, and a princess in distress.Why am I always falling into dark places that take me to somewhere new?Finding out my spirit animal is a pink bunny rabbit could have been worse.I'm a green-clothed medieval James Bond....

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One of the SNES' finest. 0

The kingdom of Hyrule is in danger of being taken over; a young boy named Link follows his uncle who receives a telepathic call from Princess Zelda begging for help. Link comes across his uncle wounded in the castle where she's held; he takes his shield and sword, and continues the mission to find Zelda in the castle. -summaryUp to this day, I know many fans of the Zelda franchise who pretty much hail Ocarina of Time as the definitive Legend of Zelda game, and rightfully so I will add. The game ...

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A Link To The Past is the best 2D game ever made. 0

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past is a 2D Action/Adventure game developed by Nintendo for The Super NES, and is the third instalment in the Zelda series. A Link To The Past is one of the most important videogames ever created. It's at the top of its genre, and has been cited by many videogame companies as a source of inspiration. It's widely regarded (along side Ocarina Of Time) as one of the greatest adventure games ever made and it's success is universal. It was voted third in a list of ...

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